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There are multiple themes for this build.
1 - Reduce Build Time [30 Minutes to 15 Minutes]
2 - Reduce Kit Size [160M to 40M]
3 - Code Cleanup
4 - Fixed/Updates

Reduce the Build Size and Build Time

Removed Source Zip Files from Build
Removed Tomcat from Build. If you want to setup your Tomcat environment, refer to the https://github.com/OpenNTF/SocialSDK/wiki/Building-your-first-social-enabled-jsp
Changed the Samples to build/test only. The Samples are no longer assembled and delivered. Results in a smaller download.

Code Cleanup - JavaDocs

Updated JavaDocs to support custom tags with the Maven Build ibm-api and method
Cleaned up the JavaDocs to remove warnings about improper @see @return @param

Projects which are updated include:

Code Cleanup - General

Cleaned up the samples/config/sbt.properties (Removed DropBox/Twitter/References to LotusLive)
Removed MockService Logging for the initialize method
Updated CDNJS read me to describe the purpose of the folder
Fixed Issue with Line Feed Character


Resolve retrieve tags on a user profile returns no tags at all #1719
Resolved Upload new version of community file does not work #1702
Fixed IE XPath detection #1727
Added Get reply count from getreply url (Rejected #1725 ) and provided getReplyCount from opensearch:totalResults in lieu of
Fixed Using getRemoteApplications( commUuid ) runs into an java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space error #1728 and removed generated loop between two methods calling each other infinitely
Fixed Blog posts get comments does not work for on-prem Connections #1670
Fixed Issue with the proxy #1704
Implemented change OAuth2Handler bug with getAccessTokenForAuthorizedUsingPOST & double encoding #1597
Fixed Suggestion ProfileService.checkColleague should catch 404 error and return null #1579
Fixed issue with getCommunity not returning ClientServicesException testGetCommunityByInvalidId(com.ibm.sbt.services.client.connections.communities.CommunityServiceNoCommonCommunityTest)
Fixed issue with deleteWiki and deleteWikiPage - deleteWikiTest(com.ibm.sbt.services.client.connections.wikis.WikiCreateAndDeleteTest) and getAndDeleteWikiPageTest(com.ibm.sbt.services.client.connections.wikis.WikiPageTest)
Added isExternal is missing from Community Object (Java) #1637
Improved IE XPath detection #1727
Resolved Need method to get all invitations for a community #1549
Answered Create a stand-alone wiki => "Field permissions was not found or had no value" #1729
Added support for the AppKey Header to enable/add the following to your endpoint appKeyAPPKEYVALUE
Fixed Oauth credentials are not being persisted to the configured database #1478 fixed source class in OAuth2.0 Handler (for logging) and note the database change in OAuth handler may break databases that are created with earlier scripts
Added AbstractEndpoint - getSessionKey/setSessionKey to support api management endpoint session key
Added Generalized Support for Global Headers for A User Based Endpoint - #1720
Automated the Delivery of CDNJs Files based on -SNAPSHOT value / version
Changed the CodeLoad download for sources to only occur in the Deploy phase
Updated version of maven-javadoc-plugin
Updated the mixed legacy and amd loader issue in the ActivityStreamService utility code


As noted in #1547, when an AMD loader is used, there is an issue with rendering the Extensions. This is a known issue with no plans to fix.
As noted in #1504, WikiPage setContent and getContent does not support/retrieve the content for the WikiPage. it is working as designed, and you can get the linked content via the ATOM API.
As noted in #1537 InReplyTo object provides access to the Activity Comment feature.
As noted previously, Tomcat has been removed from the release.