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Collaboration Today


Collaboration Today is a news aggregator for IBM Collaboration Solutions professionals covering news about various IBM products like IBM Connections, IBM Lotus Domino, IBM WebSphere Portal etc. and cross product topics like mobile, cloud and analytics.


The content is categorized making it easier for readers to find the information they are looking for. Executives and decision makers can find news in the business category, developers in the app dev category, administrators in the infrastructure category and end-users in the user experience category. Events, podcasts and videos can be found in the community section.

On the Home page news entries are highlighted by moderators. The Recent page shows all entries sorted chronologically and the Popular page shows the entries that have been accessed over the last seven days.

In addition to visiting the Collaboration Today web site via web browsers, smartphones and tablets, you can also follow news updates via feeds or on Twitter. Application developers can embed news entries using our REST API.

Collaboration Today was created by Bruce Elgort, Per Henrik Lausten, Serdar Basegmez, Frank van der Linden and Niklas Heidloff in the summer of 2012.


This project is an OpenNTF project, and is available under the Apache License V2.0.
All other aspects of the project, including contributions, defect reports, discussions, feature requests and reviews are subject to the OpenNTF Terms of Use - available at