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OpenNebula backup script for QCOW2 datastores

This repo content was removed due to community changes made by opennebula systems.

It is hosted on our Gitlab now.


Purpose of this script is to backup OpenNebula datastores type of file (qcow2). This script have to run on dedicated backup server.

It backups:

  • non-persistent base images - those which are used to deploy non-persistent VMs
  • persistent images with live snapshoting support
    • when image is attached to VM them live external snapshot is created
    • them image is copied using rsync to backup dir
    • at the end external snapshot is blockcommited back to original image and deleted
  • system datastores with deployments files - without VM images, which are non-persistent ones

How it works

Flow diagram



FeldHost™ offers design, implementation, operation and management of a cloud solution based on OpenNebula.


This add-on is compatible with OpenNebula 5.0+, NodeJS 5.10.1+ and NPM 3.8.3+