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LXD Ceph OpenNebula

pylxd VNC

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LXDoNe is an addon for OpenNebula to manage LXD Containers. It fits in the Virtualization and Monitorization Driver section according to OpenNebula's Architecture. It uses the pylxd API for several container tasks. This addon is the continuation of LXCoNe, an addon for LXC. Check the blog entry in OpenNebula official site.

LXD is a daemon which provides a REST API to drive LXC containers. Containers are lightweight OS-level Virtualization instances, they behave like Virtual Machines but don't suffer from hardware emulation processing penalties by sharing the kernel with the host. They run bare-metal-like, simple containers can boot up in 2 seconds consuming less than 32MB of RAM and a minimal fraction of a CPU Core. Check out this performance comparison against KVM if you don't know much about LXD.

The master branch is subject to changes. We recommend to use one of the stables releases you can check at the top of this page.




  • Akihiko Ota [@sw37th]
  • Devon Hubner [@DevoKun]


LXDoNe is not an update of LXCoNe so your old containers won't be manageable out of the box. Default compressed LXD images won't work either. For more information read Virtual Appliance.

Tested OpenNebula versions

OpenNebula OpenNebula

Tested Linux Distributions



Check the Setup Guide to deploy a working scenario.



  • Tested OpenNebula 5.4.1
  • Added validations in several container life moments
  • Setup process updated
  • Created a script for updating vmm and im drivers.
  • Several minor improvements and bug fixes
  • Fixed extra hdd mounting permission issues


  • Base image updated with new context and dotfiles
  • Virtual Appliance generation guide reworked
  • Poll minor bug fixed


  • VNC fixed
  • Context reworked
  • Logs reworked
  • Allow use of LXD features in VM Template:
    • privileged/unprivileged containers
    • nesting
  • vmm scripts execution times reduced 40-60%


  • NIC Hotplug
  • Virtual Appliance uploaded
  • Enhanced, thanks @sw37th
    • Bug fixes
    • Included auto-contextualization


  • Virtual Appliance creation script


  • Life cycle control:
    • Start and Poweroff
    • Reboot and Reset
    • Suspend and Resume
  • Monitorization:
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • Status
    • Network Traffic
  • Resource Limitation:
    • RAM
    • CPU
    • VCPU
  • Log scripts execution time duration
  • Deploy container with several disks
  • Deploy container with several NICs
  • Storage Backends:
    • Ceph
    • Filesystem
  • VNC (beta)
  • Specify target device for extra disks
  • Contextualization compatibility
  • 802.1Q network driver compatibility