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Public OpenNebula Marketplace Appliances

This is a repository with YAML metadata of the appliances available in the official public OpenNebula Marketplace, to be used with the simple Marketplace server implementation.

All appliances here are built and certified by the OpenNebula Systems. No community appliances are accepted into the public OpenNebula Marketplace anymore!.

New appliance (internal steps)

Filename must be a unique UUID with .yaml suffix. Use uuidgen or uuid to generate a new one.

Example of an appliance that you can be used as a basis for a new one.

name: Name of the appliance
version: Version of this specific appliance
publisher: Company name
description: |-
  Description of this appliance. The format is *Markdown* so you'll be able
  to [link]( or
  add bullet lists:

  * one
  * two
  * I am **bold**
short_description: This is a short description that appears in apps list

# Assorted list of tags, you can add version of OpenNebula where it was
# tested and things like OS or application
- debian
- router
- dhcp server
- '4.8'
- '4.10'
- '4.12'
- '4.14'
- '5.0'

# Other formats could be raw or vmdk
format: qcow2

# Time in epoch format and UTC. You can get it executing "date +%s"
creation_time: 1443105849
os-id: Debian
os-release: '8.4'
os-arch: x86_64
hypervisor: KVM

# This is a string and only visible in the web interface
opennebula_version: 4.8, 4.10, 4.12, 4.14, 5.0

# The template for the appliance without disks and in yaml format
    network: 'YES'
    ssh_public_key: "$USER[SSH_PUBLIC_KEY]"
  cpu: '1'
    type: vnc
  memory: '768'
    arch: x86_64
  logo: images/logos/debian.png

# Logo to display in the web interface. You can check the available logos in
# "logos" dir in this repository. You can also submit a new logos using pull
# requests
logo: debian.png

# Array with all images related to this app
- name: Debian-8.4
  type: OS
  dev_prefix: vd
  driver: qcow2
  # Size in bytes of the image, not the file. You can use `qemu-img info` command
  # to retrieve the virtual size.
  size: 2147483648
    # You can also specify "sha1" hash
    md5: a661b9101d0e7427a9495967292f7285
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