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Welcome to the Gcoin-community wiki!

Installing the Dependencies

For Ubuntu 16.04:

sudo apt install build-essential autoconf automake libtool pkg-config git \
                 libboost-all-dev libdb++-dev libssl-dev bsdmainutils

For Fedora 22 or later:

sudo dnf install @c-development @development-tools \
                 boost-devel libdb-cxx-devel 'pkgconfig(libssl)'

Build the Gcoin

cd ~
git clone
cd ~/gcoin-community
./ --without-miniupnpc CXX='c++ -std=c++03'

Since Gcoin is still under testing, it would be more convenient to turn off GUI and miniupnpc. We'll fix them in the future.


We provide a testing chain that you may connect to give a try. However, this is only for testing. The following section Running a private blockchain gives another solution of running a private chain.

Place a configuration file in ~/.gcoin/gcoin.conf with the following contents (You don't need to modify anything)


For version after v1.2, please use configure below


While 512102e00c5d4cd66ec85170747d0f7e457c4fe04eb1fafffcf8feb0862be7f14c99e751ae is multisig redeem script of 02e00c5d4cd66ec85170747d0f7e457c4fe04eb1fafffcf8feb0862be7f14c99e7 which will be initial alliance member. And 1QAshXFAMvBLdbg5HLstsHBULn4WmNmjD will be the address of initial miner.

Now, run the daemon!

./src/gcoind &

It would automatically synchronize the Gcoin testnet blockchain. You should be able to use the RPC after running the daemon. Here's a quick way to test:

./src/gcoin-cli getinfo 

Gcoin 1.2 don't support test now. So, you must build your own Gcoin network if you want to test Gcoin 1.2. And you need to

./src/gcoin-cli importprivkey L5PdvoMVDMqwjBG98qCRTDTdEvWygsv7TaszrukLdSuGRwGFHf7T
./src/gcoin-cli importprivkey Kzn7qFKFTW21msyYTbcgY2PkhLgQqY4M8BEHhq522nRKLRL4gcCE
./src/gcoin-cli assignfixedaddress 1QAshXFAMvBLdbg5HLstsHBULn4WmNmjD

Those command is used to import private key you set in gcoin.conf, and set the address in gcoin.conf as default address to start mining.

Get your own addresses.

First refill the keypool.

./src/gcoin-cli keypoolrefill 100

It would refill your keypool with 100 new keys derived from your key seed.

Then get the address.

./src/gcoin-cli getnewaddress

It would return a new address until your key pool is empty.

There is a fixed key in each wallet,

./src/gcoin-cli getfixedaddress 

It would return the fixed key, which is using for authentication.

More information about License, please see License.

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