OpenOrienteering Mapper is a software for creating maps for the orienteering sport.
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Latest commit 6d0dd75 Feb 18, 2017 @dg0yt dg0yt PassPointList: Fix estimateNonIsometricSimilarityTransform...
... for rotating transformations, and add a test that verifies this.
Fixes #839.

This should have been done (and was considered) with ecaca2f, but
that change was kept minimal due to insufficient ways of testing
at that time.
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.github Add an issue template for Github Aug 4, 2016
3rd-party Packaging: Update gdal handling Feb 7, 2017
android Refactor application state handling Dec 20, 2016
cmake Packaging: Remove obsolete MacOS code Feb 6, 2017
doc Merge update mapper-manual Jan 7, 2017
examples complete map example: Use multiple map parts Oct 2, 2016
help/tip-of-the-day Tip-of-the-day Russian translation Sep 7, 2016
images Add ability to select object based on tags Dec 6, 2016
packaging packaging (macOS): Handle plugins, qt.conf, strip Feb 14, 2017
src PassPointList: Fix estimateNonIsometricSimilarityTransform... Feb 18, 2017
symbol sets Minor corrections to course design symbol set and example Dec 17, 2016
test PassPointList: Fix estimateNonIsometricSimilarityTransform... Feb 18, 2017
translations translations: Update from source Jan 23, 2017
.gitattributes Update .gitattributes for github/linguist Sep 1, 2016
.gitignore .gitignore: Add Qt Creator .user files Oct 4, 2015
CMakeLists.txt Removing Qt Xml dependency Jan 1, 2017
COPYING Initial import Oct 4, 2011 Add missing qtbase5-private-dev package in for Linux build Jan 26, 2017 Minor README and INSTALL updates Oct 9, 2016
oo-mapper-version.pri Set version to 0.6.7 Dec 18, 2016 translations: Deploy in qmake builds (Android) Mar 10, 2016
resources.qrc Add ability to select object based on tags Dec 6, 2016 Enable sanitizers for development builds Mar 19, 2016

OpenOrienteering Mapper

Mapper Screenshot

OpenOrienteering Mapper is an orienteering mapmaking program and provides a free and open source alternative to existing commercial software. OpenOrienteering Mapper runs on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Reporting Issues and Asking for Help

Issues and possible improvements can be posted to our public Ticket system. Please make sure you provide all relevant information about your problem or idea.



Translations can be edited online on Weblate. You can register/login with your Github account. Find out more about translation in our wiki.

Writing Documentation

The Mapper manual lives in its own repository which contains all information for you to get started.

Writing Code

For building Mapper from source see Pull requests are very welcome.


Mapper is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.