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dev v20190915.17

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@dg0yt dg0yt released this 15 Sep 19:12

New features and major changes GitHub Releases

Continuous integration build 968, based on Superbuild 20190913.


  • Allow touch mode (mobile user interface) on PC (#1159).
    This includes the ability to access GPS, and to perform some actions without keyboard (#699).
  • Use Windows GPS location (in touch mode) (#422).
    Note that access to the Windows location requires .NET Framework 4 and Powershell 2 (included in Windows 10).
  • Add a settings page for sensors. (Only location service settings ATM.)
  • Use PROJ 6 API for georeferencing (#1341, needed for #1325).
    Note that PROJ now supports dynamic (time-dependent) CRS and late binding. So there might be small changes in coordinate transformation. Cf. PROJ backward incompatibilities.
  • Fix lost dash points at start and end when cutting lines (#1323)
  • Update of third-party components, including Qt 5.12.5, PROJ 6.2.0.

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