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@dg0yt dg0yt released this 24 Dec 11:26
· 2127 commits to master since this release

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This patch release contains bug fixes, minor improvements and updated translations. Key changes:

  • Adds a "Toolbars" menu to the "View" menu, make un-hiding of toolbars easy (#1155).
  • Fixes printing and PDF issues with templates (#1163), opacity, grid lines (#733).
  • Fixes issues with details missing from maps being used as templates on Android (#1186).
  • Adds transparency to the default color for unstyled areas in GDAL/OGR templates, making overlap immediately visible (#1161). As an alternative, we added a setting for displaying GDAL/OGR templates in baseline and/or hatching style.
  • Fixes an issue with GDAL/OGR not being used by default for DXF and OSM (#1166).
  • The Android app no longer stores the compass-derived view rotation which could not be reset on the desktop (#1165).
  • Fixes some crashes on Undo operations related to Map parts (#1168).
  • Mitigates issues when using tool buttons during drawing (#1175).

Find the resolved issues on Github.
Known issues in v0.8.4 will be collected there, too.
The release contains 82 commits since 0.8.3, changing 72 source files, contributed by 11 persons.

  • Windows: You can choose between an installer (*.exe) and a portable archive (*.zip).
    For most modern Windows installations, you should choose the x64 bit packages. The x86 will also run on all Windows desktops but are limited by the 32-bit architecture.
  • macOS: You may need to run the app via Ctrl+Click the first time, in order to allow it to run despite coming from an "unknown source".
  • Android: you will need the armeabi-v7a package for most devices.
    Note that you will have to allow installation "from unknown sources".
  • Linux packages for major distribution are going to be provided via OBS. To automatically install dependencies (and new versions!), choose "add repository and install manually", instead of "grab binary packages directly".
    At the moment, building the Linux packages is blocked by an OBS malfunction.

The packages for Android, macOS and Windows are based on OpenOrienteering/superbuild@5f342c8. The Windows packages and the PDF Manual are build with the help of OBS and RPM.)

Many thanks and best wishes to all people who made this release possible. 🎅