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The Open Overlay Router Project

The Open Overlay Router (OOR) project is a community effort to deliver a reliable, full-featured and production quality implementation of a programmable open-source overlay router, supporting several data and control-planes and integrated with relevant open-source projects. OOR is open-sourced under license Apache 2.0. OOR was forked from LISPmob in December 2015. In what follows the bylaws governing the open-source community are described.

Participation in the community is open to anyone, and can be done through the project mailing lists, where all development activity happens.

Community Roles

Participants in the project can assume the following roles:

  • User: someone using the OOR code, who contributes by helping other users on the mailing lists, reporting bugs, or suggesting features.

  • Developer: a user active in discussions on the developer mailing list, contributing source code or documentation. Their contributions are added to the source tree by a committer.

  • Committer: a developer with write access to the source code repository. Commit access is granted by the Project Management Committee.

  • Project Management Committee (PMC) member: PMC members steer the project, they are responsible of (but not limited to): (i) maintaining the project’s infrastructure (website, code repository, mailing list, etc), (ii) speaking on behalf of the project, (iii) conflict resolution within the project, (iv) nominating new PMC members as well as maintaining and updating –if necessary- these bylaws. The PMC will always reach decisions by seeking consensus; however, when consensus is not reached, decisions will be taken by voting. Votes can be ‘for’, ‘against’, or ‘none of the above’. A decision will be approved if the number of votes ‘for’ is strictly greater than the number of votes ‘against’.

Project Management Committee

The first PMC was established at the beginning of the OOR project based on merit and contributions to the LISPmob project.

The current members of the PMC are (in alphabetical order):

  • Albert Cabellos
  • Florin Coras
  • Vina Ermagan
  • Dino Farinacci
  • Lorand Jakab
  • Albert Lopez
  • Fabio Maino
  • Alberto Rodriguez-Natal

The process to change the bylaws of the OOR community is as follows, the PMC will engage with the community the developers’ mailing list to discuss the procedures to update the bylaws and with a proposed mechanisms to do so. When the PMC feels that enough consensus is reached this document will be updated.

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