Release notes

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OpenOverlayRouter is a rename of the LISPmob project forked from the last version released (version 0.5.2.). OOR aims to deliver a flexible and modular open-source implementation to deploy programmable overlay networks. Major new functionalities since LISPmob last release include a new control plane to configure xTR devices through NETCONF and a new data plane based on VXLAN-GPE. For the full list of functionalities refer to the features section.

New functionalities since OOR 1.0

  • Experimental NAT traversal (xTR & MN)
  • Bug fixes

New functionalities (since LISPmob 0.5.2):

  • NETCONF support to configure xTR device:
    • Add / Remove database mappings
    • Add / Remove Map Servers
    • Add / Remove Map Resolvers
  • Packet encapsulation using VXLAN-GPE. Next protocol can be IPv4 or IPv6.
  • Support for InstanceID (IID) and Virtual Network Identifier (VNI) at control and data plane. OOR doesn't support overlapping local prefixes with different IIDs.