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This is the OOR Open Roadmap for 2016, please feel free to express your opinion, suggestions at criticism at the mailing list (

Core components

Item Description
Multiple-tuple lookup Right now OOR forwards based on the destination, by implementing draft-rodrigueznatal-lisp-multi-tuple-eids-01 OOR will support forwarding based on 2-tuple, 5-tuple and SPI,SI.
Data-Plane Encryption Support encryption at the data-plane with draft-ietf-lisp-crypto-03
Containers OOR running inside containers (e.g. Docker) has not been tested.
Service Function Chaining/NSH support Implement support for NSH encapsulation, classification and forwarding.
Proxy ITR/ETR support Support to internetwork with legacy routers by implementing Proxy ITR/ETR support.
OpenStack Implement support for OpenStack so OOR can be launched remotely and automatically.
Advanced reachability algorithms Implement the (more advanced) reachability algorithms discussed in RFC6830
DPDK Hardware-based perfromance Implement a DPDK-based data-plane to enable line-rate forwarding speed.
Increase line-rate forwarding spped Evaluate technologies like DPDK, AF_PACKET, PF_RING or AF_XDP.
Layer-2 Overlays Currently OOR supports L3 overlays, with this we should also support L2 (Ethernet) overlays.
Multi-encap suport Provide support at the control and data-plane to support forwarding-decision of different encapsulations

Edge components

This items aims to implement features that enable new SDN edge-based use-cases.

Item Description
Netconf for edge devices (Android, OpenWRT) Currently OOR supports Netconf/YANG, however such functionality has not been ported to Android and OpenWRT.
Implement NAT to non-NAT handover Currently OOR does not support a vertical/horizontal handover from NAT to non-NATed networks. Implementing this would allow LISPmob to fully support vertical and horizontal handovers
Optimize handover latency Currently the handover latency for LISP is too large, in the order of seconds. The LISPmob community can try to find optimizations and reduce it to the order of hundreds of ms.
NAT-Traversal Support NAT-Traversal as defined in draft-ermagan-lisp-nat-traversal.
Manual configuration for NAT-traversal Support for manual configuration of the src RLOC in the NAT-box to correctly advertise it in the Map-Register.
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