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(CEF Building Blocks).(OpenPEPPOL).(London)(v3.00)_Joao Rorigues Frade.pdf
11.00-12.30 OPENPEPPOL CC F2F Meetings London - Introduction_Soren Pedersen.pdf
14.30-15.30 OPENPEPPOL CC F2F MEETING - SUMMARY_Soren Pedersen.pdf
2016-11-23 PEPPOL Directory_Philip Helger.pdf
20161122 London CC meeting_Olav Kristiansen.pdf
European Norm (EN) for e-invoicing_Martin Forsberg.pdf
OpenPEPPOL AS4 Migration 20161122_Sven Rasmussen.pdf
OpenPEPPOL F2F London - IMR status report_Ahti Allikas.pdf
OpenPEPPOL TICC Status 20161122_Sven Rasmussen.pdf
OpenPEPPOL TICC20161122 Template_Juan Baldovi.pdf
Validations4_Georg Birgisson.pdf