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PHD2 Camera Support

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NOTE: If you do not see your camera in the list below, or if it is marked as not supported, you may still be able to use it with PHD2. If the camera has an available ASCOM driver (Windows) or an INDI driver (Linux), then you can use the camera with PHD2.

Camera Windows OSX Linux Notes
Altair Cameras Yes No No
ASCOM Cameras Yes No No Linux/Mac available through WINDI
Atik 16 series Yes No No color and mono. If your Atik 16 camera is not recognized by PHD2, try updating to the latest drivers from Atik and try connecting as "Atik Gen3" in PHD2.
Atik Gen 3 Yes No No color and mono
CCD Labs Q-Guider Yes No No
Fishcamp Starfish Yes Yes No
i-Nova PLC-M Yes No No
INDI Cameras Yes Yes Yes INDI camera list
KWIQGuider No Yes No
Long exposure webcams Yes No No USB, Parallel, or serial interface
MagZero MZ-5 Yes No No
Mallincam SkyRaider Yes No No Connects as a WDM webcam or as an ASCOM camera (download the ASCOM driver from Mallincam software downloads)
Meade DSI I, II, or III Yes Yes No
OpenCV webcam Yes No No
Orion StarShoot Autoguider Yes Yes Yes (see here) Note: How to connect to an SSAG with corrupted firmware
Orion Starshoot DSCI Yes No No
Orion StarShoot Planetary Imager and Autoguider Yes No No
QHY5 No No Yes
QHY Cameras Yes Yes Yes (cameras more recent than the QHY5)
QHY Support Info
SAC4-2 Yes No No
SBIG cameras Yes Yes No SBIG info
Simulator Yes Yes Yes PHD2's built-in camera simulator, great for development and learning PHD2
Starlight Xpress cameras Yes Yes Yes SX info
The Imaging Source cameras Yes Yes Yes On Windows select "Windows WDM-style webcam" or use the TIS ASCOM camera driver. For OSX and Linux, use the TIS INDI Driver. OSX also has a builtin driver (DCAM Firewire).
Windows WDM-style webcams Yes No No
ZWO ASI cameras Yes Yes Yes ZWO info

SBIG Cameras

SBIG cameras only allow a single application at a time to access the camera. If the camera is one of the self-guiding models with a built-in guide camera, then the imaging app controlling the imaging chip will need to provide access to the guide camera. The only app we know of with this capability is Sequence Generator Pro which exposes the internal guide camera to PHD2 as an ASCOM camera.

Starlight Xpress Cameras

On Windows you can connect to your SX camera in two ways: with the ASCOM driver or the PHD2 built-in driver, "Starlight Xpress SXV". If you are using the ASCOM driver and want to use a Bad-pixel map in PHD2, then make sure that you disable the ASCOM driver options Square Lodestar Pixels and Gaussian Blur as these options will interfere with PHD2 being able to identify hot pixels.

ZWO Cameras

ZWO ASI cameras are supported natively on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The cameras can also be accessed with ASCOM or INDI camera drivers. On Linux, the USB 2.0 cameras may require that you flash the firmware version labeled "compatible" Forum Thread.

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