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Translating PHD2 into different languages is a simple process.

First you will need a translation editor. Poedit is an excellent free tool, and there are several other choices available too.

Starting a new translation

To translate PHD2 into a new language:

  1. Download the messages template file from the phd2 source repository: messages.pot.
  2. In Poedit, select "Start a new translation", and open the messages.pot file you just downloaded.
  3. Save your work as messages.po.

Updating an existing translation

  1. Get the messages.po file for your language from the phd2 source repository in the locale folder. Browse to the language sub-folder for your language and click on messages.po. Use the Raw button on the top right side of the page to save messages.po to your computer.
  2. Open the messages.po file in Poedit

Viewing the translation in PHD2

When you save messages.po, Poedit will create in the same folder. Copy to your phd2 install folder


Then, restart phd2 to see the updated translation.

Publishing the translation

Email the messages.po file to, or post a message on the google group with messages.po as an attachment. We will commit the file to the PHD2 source repository, and the updated translation will become available in the next development build of PHD2.

Notes for developers

If you make a change that affects translatable strings (strings added, removed, or modified), please run build/ to update the messages.po files for translators.

After receiving an updated messages.po file from translators, run build/ to update the files.

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