C + Tcl/Tk version of the OpenPTV, originally developed at ETH Zurich (more info on http://3dptv.github.com)
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If you want to use the source code and contribute to the project:

  1. Fork this repository to your account, using the Fork button
  2. create branch or fix the master branch if you feel confident enough
  3. send us the pull request when you feel like ready to submit your branch or your master into the community branch

Multi-platform build using CMake

  1. Download and install CMake (version 2.8 or higher)


  2. Download and install ActiveTCL 8.6 for the desired platform


  3. Download and install libtiff (*nix and OSX systems)

    -- on Ubuntu run the following in a terminal:

     sudo apt-get install build-essential
     sudo apt-get install libtiff-dev

    -- on Mac OS X is recommended to install libtiff using Homebrew:

     brew install libtiff
  4. Create a build directory inside the main 3dptv directory (3dptv/build)

  5. Run CMake and generate the project or make files

    a. start the cmake-gui from the desktop shortcut or program list

     -- alternatively run the following from command line  
     cd 3dptv/build
     cmake-gui ../			

    b. browse for the source directory: 3dptv/

    c. browse for the build directory just created: 3dptv/build/

    d. click configure and select the build type and compiler

     --on Mac OS X choose the following options: UNIX makefiles, native compilers
     --on Windows choose Visual Studio 2010 or 2008 (32-bit supported currently)
     --on *nix systems choose Unix make files or alternatively use Eclipse CTD and unix make files

    Note: if an error occurs saying that libtiff or ActiveTCL cannot be found click on the entry in the "value" column and browse for the libraries' "include" directories and ".lib" files click configure again to locate the libraries. If any rows appear red, click configure until no rows are highlighted.

    e. click generate to create the project or make files

  6. Run Visual Studio and open the solution file in 3dptv/build/ or run make from within the build directory to compile the code.

    --The executable will be generated and placed inside 3dptv/build/bin/

  7. Run the software from the test folder with a link to ptv.tcl as an input:

     cd 3dptv/test
     ../build/bin/3dptv ../ptv.tcl