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This documentation describes how to build and run an OpenPTrack system. We suggest following the order of steps in this documentation, to get a good sense of what constitutes a functional system. The Deployment Guide provides additional practical advice, based on experience using OpenPTrack for our own applications.

  1. Overview - this section; you're here.
  2. Supported Hardware - what types of imagers and computers are supported and recommended.
  3. Installation - how to get and install the software.
  4. Time Synchronization - configuring time synchronization for your OpenPTrack system.
  5. Pre-Calibration Configuration - configuring the basic elements of your OpenPTrack system.
  6. Intrinsic Calibration - this step is performed for each imager, after configuration.
  7. Camera Network Calibration - the overall camera network is calibrated, after intrinsic calibration.
  8. Tracking - you can begin tracking!
  9. Tips and Tricks - some tips and tricks, from lessons we've learned (not yet incorporated into the rest of the documentation).