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Go linter that checks package imports are in a list of acceptable packages. It supports a white list and black list option and can do prefix or glob matching. This allows you to allow imports from a whole organization or only allow specific packages within a repository. It is recommended to use prefix matching as it is faster than glob matching. The fewer glob matches the better.

If a pattern is matched by prefix it does not try to match via glob.


go get -u


By default, Depguard looks for a file named .depguard.json in the current current working directory. If it is somewhere else, pass in the -c flag with the location of your configuration file.

The following is an example configuration file.

  "type": "whitelist",
  "packages": [""],
  "packageErrorMessages": {
    "": "Please use \"\","
  "inTests": [""],
  "includeGoStdLib": true
  • type can be either whitelist or blacklist. This check is case insensitive. If not specified the default is blacklist.
  • packages is a list of packages for the list type specified.
  • packageErrorMessages is a mapping from packages to the error message to display
  • inTests is a list of packages allowed/disallowed only in test files.
  • Set includeGoStdLib (includeGoRoot for backwards compatability) to true if you want to check the list against standard lib. If not specified the default is false.


The binary installation of this linter can be used with Gometalinter.

If you use a configuration file for Gometalinter then the following will need to be added to your configuration file.

  "linters": {
    "depguard": {
      "command": "depguard -c path/to/config.json",
      "pattern": "PATH:LINE:COL:MESSAGE",
      "installFrom": "",
      "isFast": true,
      "partitionStrategy": "packages"

If you prefer the command line way the following will work for you as well.

gometalinter --linter='depguard:depguard -c path/to/config.json:PATH:LINE:COL:MESSAGE'


This linter was built with Golangci-lint in mind. It is compatable and read their docs to see how to implement all their linters, including this one.


Go linter that checks if package imports are in a list of acceptable packages.




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