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Alfresco Process Services Project Module SDK
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Alfresco Process Services JAR Module - SDK

Current dependencies are configured for APS

Folder structure is based on the same APS project classpath:

  • /src/main/resources/activiti: APS configuration files
  • /src/main/resources/app: contains your own APS Applications extracted
  • /src/test/java: put here your unit and integration tests

To run use 'mvn clean install'

  • Runs the embedded container + H2 DB
  • Runs unit and integration tests
  • Packages both App ZIP and JAR with customization


  • JDK 1.8
  • Apache Maven 3.x
  • Access to the Alfresco Maven Enterprise Repository
  • A valid APS license installed in your local system

Few things to notice

  • You can use all the APS services such as: UserService, GroupService, TenantService and so on...
  • No parent pom
  • Standard JAR packaging and layout
  • Works seamlessly with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA
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