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Simplified control over DNS routing in JAVA

When you need more control on which DNS servers to use in Java for certain hosts or domains.

Quick startup

Create a DNS Control configuration file as such:

# Selection order is more specific wins
# For example, if you have a host, domain, and default override, they will be processed in that order.
# The left hand side is the destination to override, the right hand is the list of dns servers to use.
# Left hand entries should be unique, one entry per destination.
# Don't need to suffix your entries with "." dot, this is implied, meaning, default domain will not be appended.

# Setup default DNS servers, this is optional.
# If not defined, the current host DNS servers will be used if unset (i.e. resolv.conf).

# Override DNS lookups for specific hosts

# Override DNS lookups for whole domains (starts with "." dot),
# This will override lookups for * (i.e.

# Suppress any queries that you'd like to never resolve

# Finally if you want to use your current system's DNS servers without having to know the entries.

startup your JVM passing NameService provider as well as DNS routing file

java,dnscontrol \

If you have a hosts file you'd like to also use you may use the property and add it to your startup parameters

java,dnscontrol \
     -Ddnscontrol.conf.file=/path/where/dns_control_file \
  1. The default value for dnscontrol.conf.file is /dnscontrol.conf on root of the classpath.
  2. The Hosts file is the highest priority when it comes to resolution.

Currently DNSControl runs on Java 1.7 & 1.8.

Builds on the functionality provided by dnsjava.

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