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Adding the ability to set the memory prior to test execution.

Adding the 64 bit JVM to enable building docker container using 64bit vm.
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oshoukry committed Apr 17, 2016
1 parent f44cf75 commit 7be6449d66d59566000d6d1303d0a693a6713022
@@ -6,5 +6,6 @@ else
-export CMD="cd /openpojo && mvn ${MVN_GOALS} 2>&1"
+export CMD="export MAVEN_OPTS=\"-Xmx${JVM_MEM} -Xms${JVM_MEM}\" && cd /openpojo && mvn ${MVN_GOALS} 2>&1"
docker run --rm -it -v /Users/oshoukry/GitHub/openpojo:/openpojo jdk5_openpojo sh -c "$CMD"

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