@oshoukry oshoukry released this Jan 7, 2018 · 65 commits to master since this release

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  1. Issue #109, OpenPojo will now initialize all @BusinessKey fields when generating a Pojo that declares such fields.
  2. Issue #83, EqualsAndHashCodeMatchRule a new rule that ensures that either both equals & hashCode are implemented or neither is. (Thanks to Eulbobo)


  1. Issue #86, Validator now returns a list of classes validated when calling by "packageName" so caller can inspect and ensure validation has actually occurred and against which classes.


  1. Issue #109, OpenPojo will no longer throw errors when attempting to test Pojo's that have Set fields with that hold Pojo's that utilize BusinessKeys.
  2. Issue #108, OpenPojo will no longer depend on just "sun.boot.class.path" nor will it throw null pointers if it is not set. (Thanks to JohnZavyn)
  3. Issue #100, OpenPojo will successfully create dynamic subclasses from an abstract class. (Thanks to lennartnederstigt)