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jQuery UK Postcode Lookup Plugin

Retrieve a list of addresses for any postcode in the United Kingdom using the Open Postcodes API via a jQuery form plugin.

We charge 1p per public lookup; take a look at our pricing

How it works

This jQuery plugin adds an additional text field to any web form, allowing a user to input any UK Postcode. The plugin uses the Open Postcodes API to lookup the provided Postcode and return a list of premisses, associated with the Postcode, as a dropdown. Once a premise is selected, from the dropdown, the plugin with fill the appropriate address form fields.

Open Postcodes Plugin Demo

Getting Started

  1. Download plugin and the script to your page, as shown below
<script src="jquery.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.postcode.min.js"></script>
  1. Sign up to create an API key

  2. Implementation Create a div tag and name it postcode_lookup for example, then use it to call .lookupPostcodeForm(). Add your config to the call, such as your API key, and the CSS selectors with where to send the output data.

<div id="postcode_lookup"></div>

    api_key: 'openpostcodes_demo', // Change to your API key
        line_1: '#line1',
        line_2: '#line2',
        line_3: '#line3',
        post_town: '#town',
        postcode: '#postcode'

Additional Data

You can use more data from the API response other than the ones in the example, by adding the extra parameters to the output_fields, a full list of these parameters are shown in the Open Postcodes documentation here.


In depth documentation can be found at Open Postcodes


Testing postcodes, used with our demo API key:

Open Postcodes Testing



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