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Open Postcodes API Ruby Wrapper

Retrieve a list of addresses for any postcode in the United Kingdom using the Open Postcodes API.

Getting Started


gem install postcodes

Get an API Key

Get a key at Open Postcodes, then try out our service with our testing postcodes e.g. 'XA1 0XX'

Implement it

You can complete a full address lookup with just a couple of lines of Ruby.

require 'postcodes'

Postcodes.api_key = "your_key_here"

postcode = Postcodes::Postcode.lookup "XA1 0XX"

#	postcode.addresses =>
# [
#		{
#			:postcode=>"XA1 0XX",
# 		:post_town=>"LONDON",
# 		:line_1=>"The Pavilion",
# 		:line_2=>"Oaks Avenue",
# 		:line_3=>""
#		}, 
#		... and so on


Open Postcodes provides street level address data for website, mobile and desktop applications at a competitive price.

We charge 1p per public lookup; take a look at our pricing


More in-depth documentation can be found here

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