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PDF file Backend for the common print dialog
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File Common Print Dialog Backend

This repository contains one of the components I worked on as part of my Google Summer of Code'18 project with the Linux Foundation, the complete documentation can be found here. This repository hosts the code for the File Common Print Dialog Backend. This backend manages and provides information about printing to a file via the printing dialog.


The Common Printing Dialog project aims to provide a uniform, GUI toolkit independent printing experience on Linux Desktop Environments.


  • cpdb-libs : Version >= 1.2.0

  • GLIB 2.0: sudo apt install libglib2.0-dev

Build and installation

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

Following the development and updates

The current source code can be found on the My Github Repo


The backend is auto-activated when a frontend runs (which is in cpdb-libs); So no need to run it explicitly. However, if you wish to see the debug statements in the backend code, you can run /usr/local/lib/print-backends/file.

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