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Fingercomp's programs

This is a place where hopefully brilliant ideas become the programs.

You may also want to check out our own organization, which has a few more cool things.


(open programs' directories and see their READMEs for more info)

  • nn
    • Nanomachines control program.
  • gist
    • Gist downloader and uploader.
  • game-of-life
    • My implementation of Life.
  • opg-chat
    • IRC-like OpenPeripheral glasses chat.
  • smap
    • A simple Minecraft audio player.
  • lumber
    • Basic lumberjack program for OC robot which uses an axe that can chop the whole tree, e.g., thaumcraft's axe of the stream.
  • libsemver
    • A MoonScript port of a parser of semantic version strings originally written in Python. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • libaevent
    • An advanced event library. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • libbigint
    • Not mine! Enables one to have very big integers, storing them in a metatable. Basic arithmetic operations (like abs, addition, division, etc.) are supported. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • libder-decoder
    • Decodes the data encoded using Distinguished Encoding Rules, a subset of ASN.1. For example, x.509 certificates. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • lua-lockbox
    • The most awesome pure Lua cryptography toolkit that I've ever found. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • libtls
    • An implementation of TLS 1.2. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • libhttp
    • A HTTP/HTTPS 1.1 library that allows to specify a request method (GET, POST, DELETE, PATCH, etc.). Available on the Hel Repository.
  • libcsv
    • A CSV parser. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • charts
    • A charts library (at least it should become such). Available on the Hel Repository.
  • particly
    • A really simple program that uses Particle Card to "draw" bitmaps in the world. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • pipedream
    • A simple graphical program. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • railtank
    • A fancy tank monitoring program. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • sniff
    • A network sniffer. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • stars
    • A simple graphical program. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • eumon
    • An EU storage monitor.
  • synth
    • A powerful interface to the sound card. Available on the Hel Repository.
  • ffp
    • A PCM (or WAV if the provided converter is used) player. Available on the Hel Repository.

How to install

You can, of course, just copy-paste files, but that's really inconvenient. If you have an internet card, you can use package managers to make it really easy. Those will handle downloading all files and installing dependencies for you.

There are two package managers that work with OpenPrograms repositories: hpm that's bundled with the oppm module, and oppm.

oppm can be found on the oppm floppy disk included in OpenComputers. Combine interweb and a floppy to get it, insert the floppy into a disk drive and run install. Then you can run oppm install program to install program.

What is the Hel Repository?

This is yet another OpenComputers program repository written by @moonlightowl and me. The key features are:

  • Sane versioning
  • Specific dependency versions
  • Public API

Also we have the Hel Repository package manager called hpm. It's great, really.

  • Resolves dependencies.
  • Allows to be extended by modules.
  • Makes it easy to develop your complex programs with its manifest feature.
  • The OpenPrograms module is bundled with hpm. It caches the packages to decrease installation time (no need to use that slow oppm anymore).

But the repository is used not because it's cool. It needs to contain cool programs and a lot of packages. That's why I publish my programs both here and on the Hel Repository. If you want to use my library for your program, please consider using the Hel Repository for this. That'll stop your program from crashing when the library API changes after update because you can specify the version of the library that definitely works with your program.

Install hpm using the following command:

$ pastebin run vf6upeAN

Update oppm cache to be able to install OpenPrograms packages:

$ hpm oppm:cache update

Install any hpm package...

$ hpm install hpm

...or OpenPrograms package:

$ hpm oppm:install oppm