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A HTTP/HTTPS 1.1 library.

This is a library (obviously) that returns a HTTP request function. It tries to mimic behaviour of component.internet.request, at the same time enabling to choose a request method to use (GET, POST, PATCH, etc.).

It's much slower than the default-provided request function. Use only (!) if you need to use a request method different from GET and POST.


  • http(url: string[, body: string[, headers: table[, method: string]]]) — starts a new request.
  • http(kwargs: table) — does pretty much the same, but accepts a table of arguments.

All options of kwargs, except url, are optional. Here's the example of a full kwargs table:

  url = "https://example.com/",
  body = "Hi there\n",
  headers = {
    ["Content-Type"] = "application/json",
  method = "PATCH"

The function returns a table of functions:

  • response.close() — closes the connection.
  • response.finishConnect(): boolean[, string] — returns whether the connection is established.
  • response.read([n: number]): string or nil — reads a certain amount of data from the buffer.
  • response.response(): number, string, table — returns a status code, status text, and headers.
  • response.write(data: string) — writes a data string to the socket stream.

All headers returned by response.response() are Train-Cased, so that you don't need to worry about that.

The response body is read all and stored in the buffer. If you don't specify any arguments for response.read, it will return the whole buffer. This is different from "vanilla" request method, where the data is returned as chunks of random length.


This program uses the Apache 2.0 license. The text of the license can be obtained here.