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Open Source real-time strategy game engine for early Westwood games such as Command & Conquer: Red Alert written in C# using SDL and OpenGL. Runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X.
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Latest commit 641cb96 Jun 28, 2016 @Mailaender Mailaender committed on GitHub Merge pull request #11542 from MustaphaTR/ant-crush-fix
RA - Some fixes about Giant Ants
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OpenRA.Game Add support for installing content from disk. Jun 26, 2016
OpenRA.GameMonitor Update to .NET 4.5 May 19, 2016
OpenRA.Mods.Cnc Merge pull request #11402 from Mailaender/sp-utility Jun 24, 2016
OpenRA.Mods.Common Fix logging on bogus extraction metadata. Jun 26, 2016
OpenRA.Mods.D2k Move carryall code to Mods.Common. Jun 21, 2016
OpenRA.Mods.RA Merge pull request #11402 from Mailaender/sp-utility Jun 24, 2016
OpenRA.Mods.TS Guess the correct sprite offset from building foundations. Jun 20, 2016
OpenRA.Platforms.Default Count the string length in the system codepage. May 20, 2016
OpenRA.Server Update to .NET 4.5 May 19, 2016
OpenRA.Test Add a new MiniYaml test regarding line numbers Jun 17, 2016
OpenRA.Utility Update to .NET 4.5 May 19, 2016
glsl Remove SheetType.DualIndexed from terrain rendering. Apr 15, 2016
lua Load assets using absolute paths. Fixes #6717. Oct 11, 2014
mods Some fixes about Giant Ants. Jun 28, 2016
packaging Migrate to Open.Nat version 2.0.16 Jun 19, 2016
thirdparty Migrate to Open.Nat version 2.0.16 Jun 19, 2016
.editorconfig added EditorConfig support Jul 7, 2013
.gitattributes Ensure LF line ending for .yaml files for hash consistency across pla… Mar 7, 2015
.gitignore Add Support directory to .gitignore file Jan 29, 2016
.kateproject Add a Kate project file. Jan 24, 2016
.travis.yml Update to .NET 4.5 May 19, 2016
AUTHORS Add TheRaffy to AUTHORS May 7, 2016 Update Jun 8, 2015
COPYING converted to GPLv3 Feb 16, 2010 Update to .NET 4.5 May 19, 2016
Makefile Migrate to Open.Nat version 2.0.16 Jun 19, 2016
OpenRA.Game.exe.config allow 3rd-party mod DLLs on .NET > 4.0 May 20, 2015
OpenRA.Test.nunit Add NUnit configuration with correct binpath Dec 29, 2015
OpenRA.Utility.exe.config redirect Microsoft.Build.Framework.dll on Mono 4 May 23, 2015
OpenRA.sln Add nod07c Jun 8, 2016 Update README. Feb 22, 2016
Settings.StyleCop Enforce a line length limit. Mar 19, 2015
appveyor.yml Update NSIS to version 2.51 Jun 11, 2016
dupFinder.xslt scan for duplicates Jul 5, 2015
global mix database.dat Add nod_win1.aud and nod_map1.aud to mix database. Apr 1, 2016
launch-dedicated.cmd Disable singleplayer games by default on dedicated servers Jun 22, 2016 Disable singleplayer games by default on dedicated servers Jun 22, 2016 Move dedicated server code to OpenRA.Server.exe Mar 30, 2016
make.cmd Added a counterpart to the Makefile for Windows users Apr 7, 2014
make.ps1 Remove Platforms.Null from Windows style check Apr 13, 2016
utility.cmd Fix a stupid mistake in utility.cmd (td vs cnc) Jan 9, 2015


A Libre/Free Real Time Strategy game engine supporting early Westwood classics.

Please read the FAQ in our Wiki and report problems at

Join the Forums for discussion.


Distributed mods include a reimagining of

  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert
  • Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn
  • Dune 2000

Check our Playing the Game Guide to win multiplayer matches.



  • Please read and Compiling on how to set up an OpenRA development environment.
  • See Hacking for an overview of the engine.
  • To get your patches merged, please adhere to the Contributing guidelines.

Issue Stats Issue Stats


  • We offer a Mapping Tutorial as you can change gameplay drastically with custom rules.
  • For scripted mission have a look at the Lua API.
  • If you want to share your maps with the community, upload them at the OpenRA Resource Center.



  • Sponsor a mirror server if you have some bandwidth to spare.
  • You can immediately set up a Dedicated Game Server.
  • Fund development by creating Bounties on specific tasks.


Copyright 2007-2016 The OpenRA Developers (see AUTHORS) This file is part of OpenRA, which is free software. It is made available to you under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. For more information, see COPYING.

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