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All mods:
Destroyed bridges can now be repaired with an engineer.
Significantly improved AI.
Added (beta) support for left-click mouse orders via the settings menu.
Added "move viewport to group" hotkey (home key or double tap group number).
Exposed several new and/or hidden preferences in the settings menu.
Games can now be paused with a hotkey (F9 by default) or by opening the menu in a single player game.
New/improved UI for spectators and defeated players.
Improved server list and lobby UI.
Fixed units attacking enemy units hidden by fog/shroud.
Fixed several other visibility-related bugs.
Improved range circle contrast against terrain.
Fixed UI notification sound issues.
Added "Reset Exploration" developer option (same effect as the hide-map crate).
Fixed the visibility of peripheral effects for spectators/replays (ranks, production bars, etc).
Improved aircraft contrail rendering.
Fixed issue with harvesters not undocking when a refinery is destroyed.
Fixed civilian building rendering.
Added in-game player statistics for spectators (RA and D2K only).
Added "Fragile Alliances" option, allowing alliances to be changed during free-for-all games (RA and D2K only).
Added a tooltip that shows provided and drained power (RA and D2K - C&C already had this)
Improved ingame chat dialog (RA and D2K only).
Red Alert:
Added Mobile Gap Generator.
Added Mobile Radar Jammer (jams radar and deflects enemy missiles).
Added desert theater (ported from C&C plus additional custom tiles by Harrison).
Removed Volkov.
Added announcer voice upon game start.
Civilians now panic when attacked.
Added a new desert-themed shellmap inspired by C&C Generals.
Added ice floe actors for use on snow maps.
Several improvements to the original shellmap.
New missions: Allies03, Allies04, Soviet01Classic, MonsterTankMadness, Survival01.
New maps: Room Convergence, Ghost Town, Bad Neighbors.
Improved maps: Chaos Canyon, Bomber John, Bombardment Islands.
Fixed Mechanic repair cursor.
Fixed graphics for craters for snow maps.
Re-enabled "Mud" music track.
Fixed supply track shadow.
Added unit production hotkeys.
Fixed Airfield tooltip.
Changed minimap color of gems to blue.
Gap Generator shroud now disappears on low-power/death.
Added support for Nyerguds music upgrade pack.
Fixed target line/flash for Demo Truck targets.
Added building death frames for Construction Yard, Power Plants and Ore Refinery.
Improved Ore Silo artwork (more fill states).
Improved Weapon Factory door animation and prevented the door closing before units exited.
Changed building placement color to black on snow maps for increased contrast.
Fixed Attack Dog sound.
Added duration indicators for units under Chronosphere and Iron Curtain effects.
Fixed Tanya shooting buildings and using C4 on barrels.
Fixed Chrono Tank being unable to crush infantry/sandbags or trigger mines.
Balance changes:
Base defense damage reduced against structures.
Pillbox armor increased from wood to heavy.
Construction Yard armor reduced/health increased.
Construction Yard is now unsellable to prevent Mobile Construction Vehicle crate exploit.
Superweapon health increased.
Chrono Tank damage increased/health increased/Chrono-shift range limit added/Chronosphere prerequisite added.
Demo Truck cost increased/health reduced/speed reduced.
Disguised Spies are now hidden from enemy GPS.
Added build limit to Missile Silo and Tanya.
Oil derricks are now repairable by engineers.
Minelayers can now detect mines, allowing other units to target and destroy them.
Nukes can destroy ore wells and trees.
Tesla Tank health increased.
Medium Tank damage increased.
Mammoth Tank turret rotation speed increased/damage increased.
Badger bomber health increased.
Cruiser speed increased.
Missile Sub accuracy increased.
Building range and a short construction delay added to Construction Yards to prevent base walking.
Mobile SAM launcher given to Nod as dedicated mobile AA.
Improved explosions.
Corrected music.yaml track titles.
Tweaked building construction animation speed.
Improved cloak and building destruction sounds.
Added blue tiberium trees.
Fixed blue tiberium not poisoning infantry.
Increased crate lifetime and removed level-up crate effect.
Fixed infantry running animations.
Fixed Viceroid unit decorations (veterancy/group number).
Fixed tooltip flickering when moving the mouse.
Fixed mouse-interaction bugs in the production palette.
Improved tooltip names.
Added maps: The Sentinel, Bialystok, No Escapism, Rock Canyon, Slippery Slopes, Skull Valley, Dead in Motion Redux, East vs West redux, Drop Zone, The Hourglass.
Added EVA notification for nuclear missile launches.
Husk lifetime reduced to 10 seconds.
Obelisk is now automatically targeted by units.
Harvester capacity increased.
Advanced Comm-Center and Temple of Nod act as a substitute prerequisite of the Comm-Center.
Reduced MCV crate probability to 80% to solve Construction Yard sell exploit.
MCV can be constructed without a service depot.
Construction Yard health reduced.
Infantry detect nearby cloaked units.
Infantry and vehicle speed on clear terrain increased.
Airstrike regen reduced to three minutes.
Comm-Center health reduced.
Airfield health reduced.
Helipad price reduced.
Advanced Guard Tower range increased/health reduced/power consumption increased.
Advanced Guard Tower missiles improved vs aircraft and vehicles/reduced vs infantry
Obelisk range increased.
Tank firing rate increased/damage vs light armor increased.
Light Tank speed increased/turn rate increased/ROF increased/damage reduced.
Turn speeds increased for most units.
Recon Bike damage reduced/sight increased/speed increased on clear, reduced on road.
Buggy health reduced/sight increased.
Flamethrower range reduced/damage increased vs wood.
Flame Tank significantly buffed.
Chinook price reduced.
Helicopter prerequisites changed to Comm-Center/Advanced Tech building.
Apache sight increased.
Orca ROF reduced/ammo increased/damage reduced/sight increased.
Stealth Tank initial stance changed to "hold-fire."
Increased sight range for Light Tank and APC.
A10 sight range increased.
Mammoth Tank speed increased/health increased/turret rotation increased/missile spread increased.
Stealth Tank range reduced/cloak delay increased/damage vs heavy armor reduced.
Turret and Guard Tower range increased.
APC damage increased/speed reduced.
Artillery range reduced/damage vs wood reduced.
Rocket Infantry damage increased vs armor.
Increased nuke and Ion Cannon damage vs heavy armor.
Grenadier's grenade speed increased.
SAM site pop-up speed increased.
Humvee / Buggy damage increased.
MLRS range reduced/ROF reduced/damage reduced.
Recon Bike damage increased vs heavy armor/burst delay added/range reduced.
Dune 2000:
Removed shroud (uses fog-of-war instead). Buildings are hidden under the fog until they are first seen.
Added Medic.
Added Stealth Raider.
Removed Deviator.
Aircraft are now unbuildable.
Fixed building positioning and selection boxes.
Added husks for units and turrets.
Added trails to shells and missiles.
Fixed animations for Windtrap, Repair Pad, IX Research.
Reduced "silos needed" warnings.
Husk lifetime reduced to 20 seconds.
Added large building radius to construction yard.
Improved explosions.
Crate probabilities adjusted.
New UI button artwork.
Added maps: Black Mesa, Black Mesa (large), Dune Boogie, Dune Boogie (large), Brimstone, Death Depths - Modded, Tuck's Sietch.
Complete rebalancing from the ground up.
Fixed several desync crashes.
Fixed a crash involving keyboard shortcuts and dead units.
Fixed a crash involving replays and multiple game sessions on a single machine.
Fixed a rare loadscreen crash.
Improved logging on game desync.
Improved UPnP support via Mono.Nat.
Improved freetype support via SharpFont (replaces custom patched Tao.Freetype).
Improved dedicated server support.
Improved mix file decryption (fixes a crash when playing the "Mud" audio track).
Introduced a new coordinate model to simplify eventual TS/RA2 support.
Initial work to port existing code to new coordinates model.
Added a muzzle positioning debug visualization.
Added a pathfinder debug visualization.
Removed player-configurable range behind the scenes of the color picker. Fixes "radioactive" color exploit.
Show an improved error message when connecting to a server with incompatible mods.
Added automatic map downloads from when joining a server with an unknown map.
Added support for randomized weapon reports.
Improved loading times by removing unnecessary map indexing.
Scripted maps can now require human players in specified slots.
Allow mods to independently enable/disable shroud and fog of war.
Minor pathfinding improvements.
Other misc refactoring and code cleanup.
Build system and packages:
Added a `version` rule to the makefile for setting mod version strings on local development builds.
Added a `docs` rule for generating trait documentation.
Fixed permission errors in the .deb package.
Support `--instdir` options for parallel installation of .deb packages.
Added Desura compatibility for Linux.
Map Editor and Tools:
Added a toolstrip with new and improved tools.
Added support for terrain categories.
Fixed wrong palette remapping for neutral buildings.
Maps are now saved/loaded from the custom maps directory.
Fixed legacy map importer.
Added a --docs flag for OpenRA.Utility for generating trait documentation.
Add --transpose option to Utility
Allow --transpose to do multiple operations in one pass
Added category headers in editor (RA temperate theme only)
Added selection tool in editor for use with copy-pasting terrain
Added tilesetbuilder2 and fixed it for Dune 2000
Added tilesetbuilder command line
Added tileset extractor
Upgraded Visual Studio solution to 2010
Tons of performance improvements
Prevent too many instances of a single sound playing at once
Order results from FindByTilesInCircle by distance
Added new data types for cell and pixel coordinate pistion/vectors
Fixed issue where port in direct connect was dumped to default by force
Fixed pathfinding for units heading in opposite directions to prevent pathing deadlocks
Fixed volume and scrollspeed being different from their saved scale at game start
All Mods:
Added basic dedicated server support
Added UPnP support for multiplayer
Added option to pause the game (F3 key)
Added SimpleTeleport for non-chrono jumps for mission scripting
Added WaitFor(predicate) for mission scripting
Added support for mission objectives
Added indicator to show who is admin of a lobby
Added map size label to map chooser
Added support to set up player required slots for maps
Added hover behavior for all units. Give a unit a nonzero Altitude: in its Mobile: block and the WithShadow: trait to make it hover
Allow building speed to be set by CustomSellValue trait
Bots are forcefully removed from maps which do not allow them
Ignore spectators for lobby readiness check
Added CloakInfo.UncloakOnMove option
Made UnloadCargo.unloadAll configurable, using all by default
Support targetlines for defenses
Setting for Capturable trait to waste engineer after capturing a building or not
Fixed unloading of infantry from cargo vehicles to be spread out instead of one subcell
Fixed crates not being picked up when dropped on a unit
Fixed being able to repair when eliminated
Fixed spectator chat not using contrast
Fixed crash cycling stances while a unit dies
Fixed crash spawning corpse for actor which has already been destroyed
Fixed filtering of passengers to show with RenderCargo
Fixed incorrect working "locks" when capture/sell building races happened
Fixed radar click position
Fixed shift-tab keyboard shortcut in build palette
Added mouse-wheel support for flipping tabs in build palette
No longer block each other during low-ore contention and wait for a random amount of time to search for more resources.
Refineries show which harvesters are linked by holding down the ALT key.
Fixed harvesters for AI to search the entire map when no more resources nearby
Made search radius configurable for both initial search from refinery, and search from harvest location
Harvesters will return to ordered-to location if told to harvest a specific cell while full after delivery instead of the last successfully harvested cell which may be far away
Fixed notable issues when trying to play FMVs
Red Alert:
Added two missions - Allies01 (single player) and Allies02 (co op)
Added new tiles for use in the Temperate theatre, made by Harrison
Added new crashed helicopter SHPS
Added Hospital & Bio Lab yaml definitions
Reenabled PrimaryBuilding support for airfield and helipads
Fixed chrono not killing passengers on return
Fixed missing chrono effects on unit return
Fixed tesla coil ignoring weapon offset
Fixed some HackyAI issues, such as having a tank husk fetish
Fixed some incorrect/missing music strings in music.yaml
Fixed broken Install from CD code
Fixed another zombie aircraft bug
Fixed ReturnToBase causing a crash when you had no airfields available (but an ally did)
Balance (General):
Added a heal crate (heals all of your units on map, rare occurrence)
Removed nuke crate
Nuke was made a lot more powerful
Nuclear explosions now destroy ore
Repair cost for units is always at least 1 per tick
Radar Dome cost increased from 1400 to 1600
Service Depot cost increased from 1000 to 1200
War Factory armor type changed from Heavy to Wood
Sam Site/AA Guns will no longer shoot at crashing aircraft
Barrel explosions are now more deadly, and chain explosions explode with a delay
Churches made garrisonable by Sniper infantry
Balance (Soviet):
Added Sniper - cloaked infantry with HoldFire stance by default
Added Volkov - elite unit meant to replace Tanya
Added Demo Truck - armed with a lower damage nuke
Mammoth Tank self heal now goes up to 80% health
Mammoth Tank turret rotation was slowed down
Mammoth Tank tusk rate of turn was doubled
Tesla Tank cost lowered from 1500 to 1350
Airfield armor changed from Heavy to Wood
Airfield cost increased from 300 to 500
Iron Curtain duration increased from 10 to 15 seconds, and can't use on enemy units
Balance (Allies):
Added Chronotank - tank that can "jump" within range of itself
Tanya - Colt45 attack range increased from 5.75 to 7
Transport Heli - Cost lowered from 1200 to 900, increased hp, increased cargo count to 8
AA Gun cost increased from 600 to 800
Helipad cost increased from 300 to 500
Added map: Ice Woods (Tirili)
Added map: Nishnekolymsk (Tirili)
Added map: Bomber John (Holloweye)
Added map: Bloody Delta (Holloweye)
Added map: Room-Warzone (Sunny_S)
Added map: Chaos Canyon (Nukem)
Added map: Forest Path (Gnx)
Updated map: Free Coasts (Ihptru)
Replaced map Baywatch with Hasselhoff (Nukem/Zypres)
Added A10 crash site SHP to terrain (via Nyerguds)
Re-added the Snow tileset (via Nyerguds)
Tank shells do 100% vs armor again, turret buffed
MRLS issues fixed
Sonic Tank moved to end of build menu
Fixed structure build menu orders in general
Fixed Biolab did providing Visceriod after being captured
Fixed tooltips not showing on the build menu
Do not shade possible build items in CNC if something else is building
Dune 2000:
Added Dune 2000!
General performance improvements
Health.MaxHP is no longer read-only
#Comments can be used at end of any lines in yaml files
Better error messages for duplicate yaml fields
Fixed RenderCargo support for relative altitude
Both Mods:
Add banlist setting (Server: Ban: IP1, IP2, IP3)
Missiles lose guidance and run out of remaining fuel if the target dies
Red Alert:
Added setting to change CashTick sound frequency when producting structures
Re-added camo pillbox for Allies to be garissonable and stealthed
Change cargo ownership if capturing actors with cargo
Fixed spy resetting exploration if infiltrated enemy had GPS
Cannot capture building if yourself or ally is already capturing it
Barrels are no longer capturable/sellable
Minor AI improvements
Exposed option to toggle shellmap
MRLS cost increased to 1200
APC gun damage increased
Several building hitpoints increase/decreased
Several units movement speed adjusted
Landed helicopters made targetable by units
Mammoth Tank has an 8 second cooldown before regenerating hp
Add new Chemball explosion
Re-ordered build menu
Production hotkeys changed from YUIOP to QWERT
Fix crash loading yaml for ArtilleryShell.ContrailLength
General performance improvements
Added a setting to change sound engine, Sound:Engine: AL ("AL" uses OpenAL, "Null" gives no sound)
Both Mods:
Warn lobby when a client joins with DEV_VERSION
Produced units attack-move to their rallypoint
New CloakPaletteEffect trait to add shimmer effect to cloaked units
Cargo trait allows for initial passengers when units are built
Buildings now take 10 seconds to be captured
Capture time length is adjustable
Custom starting units can be used for each faction
Main menu no longer vanishes after a lobby disconnect
Fixed crash selling/capturing buildings simultaneously
Fixed crash in StartGame if there were unvalidated connections
Improved error messages given with bad MiniYaml indentations
Red Alert:
Added Spy to Allies
Infiltrates refinery to steal 50% of players cash, minimum $500
Infiltrates radar dome to reset exploration for enemy team
Can assassinate enemy units with force-fire
Added Gap Generator to Allies
Tanya made exclusive to Allies
Artillery explode chance lowered to 75%
Flamethrower has new flame art
Pillbox includes a garrisoned riflemen when built, and other infantry can garrison the structure
Camo pillbox removed
Normal AI removed
New AI: Rommel and Zhukov
Rommel is a modified Hard AI focusing on artillery and V2, and few light vehicles
Zhukov is a turtle, but sends large attacks with artillery and V2
Added map: Tainted Peak (Nukem)
Removed maps: Daejeon, Mjolnir, No Fly Zone
Fixed bug letting passengers shoot from transports
A10s speed increased, Napalm Drop damage increased
Chinooks now carry up to 10 passengers
Sight of all infantry increased by 1
Chem Warrior/Flamethrower/Grenadier damage vs certain armor types increased
Chem Warrior will walk through tiberium instead of pathing around it
Artillery attack range doubled
Guard Tower attack range decreased by 1
MCV and Construction Yard sight increased
Construction Yard armor type changed to Heavy from Wood
Harvester armor type changed to Heavy from Light
Proability of SpawnVisceriod from 10% to 2%
Reduced damage and size of Grenadier death explosions
Units do not attack buildings when attack-moving or idle, exception made for defensive structures
Lots of AI changes
Removed nuke crate, hide-map crate
Fixed crash viewing replays
Fixed radar not being shown during replay
General performance improvements
Added setting for direct connection on game launch (Game:ConnectTo: ip:port)
Added setting to limit framerate via startup argument (Graphics:CapFrameRate: false)
Added owner chooser for new actors in the editor
Added actor info panel in the editor (doubleclick)
Fixed minimap export breaking subsequent actions in the editor
Fixed writing of empty replays
Fixed issue with LaserZap widths (obelisk shots)
Both Mods:
Always allow buildings to be repaired (removed dependency on Construction Yard)
Added a new Defend stance for units
Added base under attack notification
Spacebar focuses viewport to last under attack notification
Ctrl-Shift-Numkey groups units into existing group
Helicopters now bob slightly in flight
Repair their own buildings
Maintain a level of aggro on enemy units
Moved some bot configuration into system.yaml
Fixed being unable to set rallypoints for production buildings
Replaced the server browser with a new and awesome one
Server lobbies upon creation use the previously played map
Made SpawnMPUnits' initial unit configurable
Fixed infantry squish sounds not being positioned
Fixed actor priority not being correct for doubleclick
Fixed poor stance switching detection
Semi-fixed naval units repairing from anywhere on map
Red Alert:
Fixed crash which occurred when playing an online game with Hard AI
Fixed planes stacking more than 1 per airfield
Fixed planes being unable to rearm at airfield
Improved logic for sending planes and helicopters back to base
Fixed infantry not able to walk over anti-tank mines, and vice versa
Fixed pointless reload of shellmap when disconnecting from lobby
Added a setting to toggle shellmap
Changed team color chooser to match C&C's
MiG fires in bursts of 2 instead of 4, and damage per missile increased
Longbow fires in bursts of 2 instead of 1
Submarines are set to HoldFire stance by default
Mammoth Tank hp regeneration altered - 25hp per second, after 10 seconds since last unit damage
Tesla Tank cost decreased and armor increased
Flamethrower now only requires Flame Turret to be built
Minelayer (Anti-Tank) mine count reduced from 5 to 3
New Map: Bombardment Islands (Sprog)
New Map: Engagement (Nukem)
New Map: Man to Man (Nukem)
New Map: Breaking Point (Nukem)
New Map: Asymetric Battle (Seru)
New Map: Temperal (Blarget2)
New Map: Ares National Park (Wuschel)
New Map: Poseidon (Wuschel)
New Map: Apollo (Wuschel)
Removed Maps: Paramount, Pandemonium, Bavarian Redux
Changed the bot spawn chooser to match RA's
Reduced delay of tooltips
Fixed a lobby crash when players joined
Stealth Tanks are set to HoldFire stance by default
Fixed broken client IDs if players drop before the game starts
Converted FileExtractor into --extract cmdlet for Utility.
Added --transparent option to --png cmdlet in Utility.
Fixed shortcut description on Linux
Fixed launcher crashes on Mac
Removed obsolete SequenceEditor tool
Added --tmp-png cmdlet in Utility, to convert terrain to PNG.
Both Mods:
Allow building repair by allies
Use player color to show who is repairing a building
Only units/structures being built or queued are shaded in the production palette
Aircraft smoke is no longer visible under fog
Added a Show Grid option to the Map Editor
Added multitap support - double clicking a unit selects all units of the same type on screen
Changed map choosers to be a filterable grid of maps
Added internal machinery for IFV-style units
Red Alert:
Added naval transport
Added an indicator over powered down buildings
Aircraft crashing into water now use large_splash
Destroyer now requires Radar Dome
Increased cost of Shipyard and Sub Pen
Fixed a crash when sending aircraft back to base
Husks no longer interfere with selection
Added more options for bots in game lobby
Changed AI behavior -- now has Easy/Normal/Hard difficulty
Increased range of FTUR by 1
Reduced cost of MEDI from 500 to 300
Reduced cost of SHOK from 800 to 500
Heavy vehicles (Tanks, Harvesters, MCV) now crush infantry
New map: Classic DropZone (Holloweye)
New map: DropZone Battle of Tikiaki (Knivesron)
New map: DropZone W (Riderr3)
New map: Seven Stairs (Tirili)
New map: Contact (Nukem)
New map: Encounter (Nukem)
New map: Mass Confliction (Nukem)
New map: Calm before the Storm (Nukem)
New map: Baywatch (Nukem)
New map: Winter Warzone (Nukem)
New map: Paramount (Nukem)
New map: Doubles (Nukem)
New map: Hectic (Nukem)
New map: Pandemonium (Nukem)
New map: Chokepoint (Nukem)
New map: HotZone (Nukem)
New map: No Fly Zone (RAGEQUIT)
New map: Strip Mine (RAGEQUIT)
New map: Doughnut Hole (RAGEQUIT)
New map: Vegetation (hamb/Chris Forbes)
New map: Arctic Triangle Affair (Bellator)
New map: Mad Scramble (Bellator)
New map: Free Coasts (Ihptru)
New map: Battle Lake (Bellator)
Slightly increased Tiberium growth rate
Increased harvester unload time
Reduced Tiberium value by 20%
Changed FTNK armor type to Light
Fixed tank squish animations to show properly
New map: Tiberium Oasis (Bellator)
Fixed compile failures under Windows
Improved platform detection
Modding support for custom fonts
Video memory leaks fixed
Improved error messages for unsupported graphics cards
Improved support for Intel graphics cards
Fixed incorrect resolution under some Linux systems
Write graphics.log on all graphics-related errors
Significant general performance improvements
Fix crashes when joining a game with no free player slots
Bots players are named after their AI type and pick better random colors
Map support for enforcing team and spawn choice
Fix resource-clearing weapons breaking custom terrain types (bridges)
Added a "Pixel double" mode to draw the world at 2x zoom.
Fixed broken mounting of map packages
Fixed crashes when loading broken maps
Fixed units being left alive but stranded on destroyed bridges
Fixed husks being created on water
Fixed AttackMove trying to send orders to units owned by others
Made LaserZap more flexible for modders
Both C&C and Red Alert:
Fixed desync when a player surrenders
Fixed installing from CD
Added Hotkey support:
escape to toggle ingame menu
escape to go up a level in menus / cancel prompts
return to confirm prompts
Changed shortcut for adding units to groups changed from ctrl->cmd on OSX to avoid conflicting with Spaces
Fixed Tooltips for spectators
Fixed cashticks when selling walls
Fixed show explosions when walls are sold
Fixed veteran units not repairing correctly at service depots
Fixed Rally-point color when a building is captured
Fixed selection box dragging behind ui elements
Added Mod support for passengers that take multiple slots
Added Mod support for custom tesla zap effects
Fixed desync when a support aircraft is killed after completing its task
Fixed bugs with selling refineries
Fixed superweapons being fired from disabled structures when multiple are available
Added "Mission Accomplished" / "Mission Failed" notifications when you win or lose a multiplayer game
Fixed husks jumping to the middle of a cell when a unit dies
Fixed decloak sound never being used
Improved HackyAI power management
Completely overhauled UI
Added support for installing from original game disks
Added support for installing music from original game disks
Added support for Covert Ops music tracks
Added Skirmish mode (creates a local game against bots)
Added Configurable bot race/team/spawns
Fixed Rocket Launcher turret raising/lowering when attacking
Added muzzle flashes to Guard Tower / SAM site
Fixed firing offsets on all units and structures
Fixed Ion Cannon cursor
Fixed Apache artwork
Fixed uncapturable oil derricks
Added capturable Biolab tech structure: allows you build viceroids
All vehicles leave husks on death
Server/Skirmish creation selects the last played map by default
New animations for cloak and reveal map crates (from C&C Sole Survivor)
Added 8 new maps by Petrenko
Tweaked most existing maps
Removed East vs West 2 map
Fixed Harvester/Refinery docking animation beneath the fog of war
Improved Obelisk laser effect
Added a blue pip for harvested blue tiberium
Changed the Refinery tower lights to indicate the amount of stored tiberium
Fixed an exploit with Nod airfields on the right side of the map
Fixed bot color being saved as player color in lobby
Balance changes:
Refinery footprint changed, price decreased to $1500
Flame tank explodes on death, damage reduced by 40%
Stealth Tank damage increased, speed decreased
Rocket Launcher now fires 6 rockets, loses AA
Orca / Apache weapons reworked. Both now have limited volleys, but reload in the air. Both can attack other air units
APC weapons reworked. Now has a turret, but can attack air units only
Artillery given back to Nod
SSM launcher removed from Nod
Concrete walls require vehicle production to build
MCV, Harvester, Engineer can no longer level up (via crates)
MCV can no longer receive Cloak crates
Advanced Guard Tower range increased
SAM Site range decreased
Bridge HP halved
Infantry tiberium avoidance factor increased by 5x
Decrease tiberium damage to infantry
Rebalanced tiberium value / harvester capacity / harvesting speed
Reduced Grenadier death damage
Mammoth tank regen rate halved, Missile reload rate decreased
Building repair speed, price doubled
Recon Bike damage increased 16%
Infantry can be crushed by tanks
Removed build area radius around tech structures
Red Alert:
Fixed firing offsets on Flame trooper / Tesla trooper / Telsa tank / Tesla coil / Flame turret
Fixed bounties using incorrect unit value
Fixed parachute offsets
Added muzzle flashes to Pillbox / Camo Pillbox / SAM Site
Fixed map reveal when an ally is granted GPS
Added 16 new maps by buddha, hamb, seru
Fixed bounties of $0 displaying
Removed 3 obsolete maps
Fixed Minelayers not entering the Service Depot properly
Fixed Hind, Yak weapons being blocked by walls
Fixed phantom radar bin on subsequent games
Added new Oil Derrick artwork
Added support for Counterstrike & Aftermath music tracks
Added player color to diplomacy panel
Added capturable oil refinery tech structure
Added new harvester artwork for half-empty/empty states
Added new MCV husk artwork
Fixed spy disguise not working
Fixed hellfire missiles splashing back against helicopters
Fixed animation speed for Grenadier idle animations
Removed Lock Teams option
Fixed cursor while dragging selection box
Fixed accidental order issuing while dragging selection box
Fixed lobby "kick" buttons
Balance changes:
Medic cost reduced to $500
Mines are visible to friendlies and spectators
Friendly units don't trigger mines
Increased reload rate for aircraft
Missile sub submerge delay doubled, damage decreased by 25%
Longbow now requires Allied Tech Center
Reduced wall health
Increased cruiser accuracy
Increased Longbow missile speed by 50%
Increased SAM Site rate of fire
Fixed --png mode for converting shp -> png
Fixed actor rendering on OSX / Linux
Fixed crash relating to incorrect mix file location
Fix hotkeys firing on both key down and key up
Allow C4 delay to be configurable
Text field support for home and end keys
Fix world actor being owned by Creeps player (causing Neutral to be hostile) on new maps
Include gpu vendor string in graphics.log for unsupported cards
Fix crash with some aud files
Fix a rare crash when a repairing building is killed
Improvements to HackyAI
Generalize capture logic to work for any actor types
Support RA2-style missile trails
Fix helicopters failing to attack targets in some situations
Fix 'exploit detected' when using hotkeys on another players units
Relinquish spawn point in the game lobby when entering a spectator slot
Fix maps with >8 spawnpoints in the game lobby
Yaml loader crashes correctly when trying to inherit from a nonexistant actor
Yaml loader crashes correctly when trying to remove a nonexistant trait
Modding support for multiple player palettes
Fix several crashes when installing packages
Many other general engine improvements
Fix Viceroid target-scan radius
Fix map-placed SAM-sites not being able to attack
Commando voice clip when built
Commando voice clip after kills
New unit: Supply truck for donating funds to another player
Pilots (sometimes) parachute from shot down planes
Bounties on killed units
Use RA2 style missile trails
New GPS logic
New map: Pressure by seru
Utility writes a log to support dir when crashing
Support for Ubuntu 11.04
Fix osx crash when run from a path with spaces
Display range circles when placing defenses
Support a hostile creeps player for viceroids / dinosaurs / ants / etc
General refactoring and performance fixes
Stop/Scatter/Deploy orders give audio feedback
"Allow cheats" option moved into the game lobby, visible to all players
"Build anywhere" developer mode option
Improved pathfinding when collecting crates or crushing walls.
Refactor idle / prone infantry animations
Improve missile trail effects
Actors without health are not considered as dead
Health bars show recent damage as it is inflicted
Production structures and special powers show selection bars showing progress
Mouseover units to display healthbars etc
Fix shroud glitch when units exit transports
Fix bots jamming up their production structures
Direct connect will assume port 1234 if none is given
Chrome image mapping definitions changed from xml to yaml
Water explosion animations are not used for airborne explosions over water
Fix rendering of very large maps
Report GPU memory usage to debug.log
Massive improvements in repeated allocation / deallocation of memory
Fixed a desync with repairing buildings
Fixed a desync with aircraft (it now crashes deterministically instead)
Fixed a desync with KOTH maps
Fixed a bug where a slot is shown as closed when it contains a bot
Fix crash when spawning map actors owned by a nonexisting player
Fix crash when changing mod while playing music
Fix crash with perf graph
Fix crash in replay viewer if replays directory doesn't exist
Fix crash when selling civilian buildings
Fix crashes caused by blank game title / direct connect server textfields
Oil derricks, harvester unloading, selling structures shows cash indicator
Prerequisites system refactoring to allow non-building prerequisites
Fix shift+tab not cycling the build tabs
Fix bogus keyboard input in text fields
Don't change mods if the same one is selected in the dropdown
Support for remapping the control group addition modifier (ctrl) to any modifier key
Fix helicopters flying 1 cell off the right or bottom of the map
Viceroids! Infantry killed by tiberium or chem warriors may turn into viceroids
Fixed death animations
Blue tiberium damages infantry
Map-placed SAM sites start closed
Engineers capturing enemy buildings gives enemy tech
Buildings emit minigunners and engineers when sold (no more technicians / civilians)
Civilians panic when attacked
Fix a rare crash with harvester docking
Fix a rare crash with stealth tank
New Map: East vs West 3 by pchote
Removed Maps: Wargames, Yellowstone II
Oil Derricks have a small sight range
Apaches have a muzzleflash
Service depots repair units faster
Fix crash when telling a minelayer to create an empty minefield
Fixed interior tileset boxes
New Map: Styrian Mountains by ReFlex
New Map: Convergence by Arcturus
Updated Map: Seaside by nudalz
Longbow ammo increased from 6 to 8, description fixed
Hind cost decreased from 1500 to 1000, hp increased from 100 to 150, range decreased from 12 to 10
Service depot cost increased to from 700 to 1000
Radar dome cost increased from 1000 to 1400
Artillery now requires war factor and radar dome, inaccuracy decreased from 80 to 40
APC moved from Allies to Soviets, hp increased from 200 to 300, price increased from 800 to 850
Medium / Heavy / Mammoth tanks now require service depot to build
Heavy tank cost reduced from 1200 to 1150
Flame turret rate of fire increased from 45 to 65, fires 2 bursts
AA guns, flak trucks can now fire over walls
Jeeps can carry a single passenger
Base defenses no longer provide ground control
Vehicle speed on clear ground increased, speed on ore reduced
Grenadiers have a 50% chance of exploding when killed
Spys are ignored by enemy units when disguised, tooltips show as disguised unit
Fix crates being paradropped inside trees, buildings
Production hotkey for flame turret changed to t, tesla coil to u
Disguised spys now appear correctly on radar and tooltips
Fix GPS behavior when alliances change.
Aircraft now fly to a target location and circle instead of returning to base
Aircraft no longer fly off the map if their Airfield is destroyed
New map format (version 5). Maps < Version 4 are no longer supported by the editor or game.
Waypoints and MP start locations are now actors
Importing C&C/RA maps fixed
New png loader to support future tools
Editor uses the correct icon under mono
Editor only saves non-default values for PlayerReferences in map files
Default player colours has been returned to neutral grey.
Maps can be loaded from the commandline
Option to show actor names
Support for veteran / elite actors to be defined in the map yaml
Rename .deb package to use debian naming conventions
Improve linux package installation / elevation prompts (uses zenity, require mono >= 2.6.7)
Fix package installation crash on windows xp
Windowed mode now launches in the center of the screen under Windows
Informative drop messages - user is notified of kick vs game has started vs server unavailable
Fixed render errors with the build palette on the first game tick
Improved sync check performance
Shp writing capabilities for mod tools
Fixed desync due to floating point calculations in unit facing
Fixed idle animations
Removed launchers on all platforms
Asset download/install is now performed ingame
Mod selector is now available from the main menu
Fixed `lock teams' checkbox
Lots of misc. engine refactoring
Fixed exploit allowing stance changes when teams are locked
Fix crash when capturing last enemy silo
Fix units continuing to attack a building after it has been captured
Fix floating point issues with missiles (manifests as broken torpedos in ra)
Fix location calculation for flying units (manifests as invincible helicopters in cnc)
Infantry stack 5-to-a-cell like the original games
Craters and scorches smoke for a limited time
Added a scatter key (bound to `x')
Fixed commando c4
Fixed Airfield production notification ("Reinforcements have arrived")
Fixed palette bugs with Oil Derricks and walls
Fixed tech tree bugs after capturing enemy productions structures
"Repairing" eva
Proper "pop up" SAM sites. Closed SAMs receive a 50% armor bonus.
SAM sites require power to operate
Advanced Guard Tower requires power to operate
Support structures no longer grant build radius
Lower Barracks/Hand health
Increase Weapons Factory health
Increase rocket bike damage
New Map: Crossing the Rubicon (Arcturus)
Game assets can be installed from one of the Red Alert cds
"Repairing" eva
GPS is now shared between allies
Submarines are no longer visible to everyone
Fixed paradrop flare, spyplane from capturing KOTH points
New Map: Nuclear Winter (nudalz)
New Map: Seaside (nudalz)
Ability to switch mods after launch
Refactor hardcoded tools into a generic interface
New GTK based launcher for linux.
Mod version, version check, and MOTD moved from the main menu into the launchers.
Fixes for non-standard mono installations under OSX.
Fixes for filepaths with spaces under OSX.
Map Editor / Maps:
Fixed crash when using floodfill.
New map format (version 4). Open and resave maps with the editor to upgrade them.
Added support for compressed (.oramap or .zip) maps.
Removed .uid files from maps -- compute the hash on demand now.
Mod versions are checked when joining a server. Clients with a different game version / wrong mods will not be able to join.
Added 'Stop' command on 'S'.
Stop units from autotargeting walls.
Added different pip colour for gems vs ore.
Fixed several exploits in support powers.
Continue to show selected units when firing special powers.
Fixed palette effects (nuke, chronoshift) being applied to fog / shroud.
Added a replay viewer.
Fixed building previews being rendered below bridges.
Forced the AI to leave gaps between its buildings.
Fixed captured buildings still drawing power from the original owner.
Fixed various crashes in the editor when trying to make a new map.
Support multiple bot types; added another bot difficulty.
Removed option to not save syncreports.
Fixed desync related to aircraft.
Fixed sync not being checked on World traits.
Pick a random available door on production structures with more than one (barracks, subpens, etc).
Fixed some rare Harvester-related crashes.
Added labels to the perf graph.
Locked teams by default.
Fixed "No games found" not being displayed when there was an in-progress (hidden) game detected.
Added support for multiple shellmaps. Chooses randomly.
Fixed dropdowns possibly getting stuck open when the host force-starts the game.
Improved scrollpanels - added scrollbars and mousewheel support.
Fixed potential desyncs in building refund calculation and unit repair.
Added black outline to text drawn over the world, so it can be seen in all cases.
Many performance improvements.
Fixed footprint of ATWR.
Improved harvester docking.
Made Oil Derricks capturable.
Fixed nuke detonation sound.
Fixed Tanya not having the correct pip color.
Fixed helicopters spawning in the wrong place.
Fixed Spy-related crashes when disguising as civilians.
Allow using C4 on friendly buildings.
Improved harvester docking.
Added proper shareable/revokable GPS.
Nerf 1tnk hard.
Increase cost of 2tnk slightly, but increase its HP too.
Require power to operate SAM sites.
Fixed missing tooltips for SHOK and TTNK.
Fixed chronoshift power requiring two clicks to cancel.
Fixed desync related to chronoshift.
Fixed bogus bottom-left spawnpoint on Central Conflict.
Production tabs with an item ready now light up yellow.
Fixed crash when a WEAP is half-destroyed before it finishes deploying.
New launcher for Windows and OS X (Linux coming in a later release) for downloading and installing mods, and launching the game.
Disable Surrender button when you win or lose.
Fix Minimap orders outside viewport.
Render building previews when placing a structure.
Buttons offset their contents when pressed.
Dropdown listboxes in the game lobby and diplomacy panel.
Allow moving the cursor and editing anywhere in textfields.
Don't render things outside the map.
Render selection boxes / health bars, target lines above everything else
Show "cannot move here" cursor when mousing over invalid terrain under the fog, or outside the map.
Remove move flashes (they are obsoleted by target lines).
Buildings are always visible under fog.
Captured refineries no longer give cash to the original owner.
New rally point artwork.
Fix broken airstrike / parabomb special powers.
Fix diplomacy cycling shroud exploit.
Change the .rpm package to target Fedora.
Fixed idle animations
Added "A Path Beyond" map
Fix crash when selling iron curtained buildings.
Don't stack multiple Invuln render effect on an actor.
Fix exploit in Iron Curtain, Chronosphere, Nuke.
Fix paradrop flare remaining forever if drop plane is killed.
Area of effect Iron Curtain.
Area of effect Chronoshift.
Remove sandbag in water of "Equal Opportunity" map.
Allow chronoshifted and paradropped units to collect crates.
Fixed medic crash.
Removed end of game crash.
Fix dog attack.
Missile silo requires power but can be powered down.
Fix shellmap low power and invalid gap generator position.
Removed Naval Transport until it's cargo capabilities are fixed
Fix exploit in Ion Cannon, Nuke.
Add some basic scripting to the shellmap.
Fix invulnerable stealth tanks.
Oil derricks spurt fire when killed.
New load screen (unfinished).
Fix observers.
Helicopters automatically target enemy units
Refactored Orders to use less network bandwidth and remove duplication.
Dump available extensions to graphics.log when GL Renderer fails to init.
Fix Makefile constantly rebuilding, and refactor for readability.
Display soft shroud around edge of map instead of hard border.
Standardise engine naming of Theatre -> Tileset.
Refactor map size queries to all use Map.Bounds.
Move all widget delegate into the RA mod dll.
Renamed ListBoxWidget -> ScrollPanelWidget.
Fix ScrollPanelWidget scrolling beyond the start by 1 velocity tick.
Removed duplication from target lines.
Extensive refactoring of shroud.
Refactor Scale trait to a property on Render*.
Refactor idle behavior
Bug fixes:
Fixed Tesla causing an out of memory exception
Fixed Tesla animations.
All players can now see AI players in lobby.
Weapon factory sell animation now plays correctly.
Utility app now extracts downloaded content packages properly.
Fixed helicopters landing in silly places.
New Features:
New default renderer using GLSL instead of CG. Removes the dependency on the CG toolkit and fixes issues with Radeon graphics cards using latest drivers.
Order queuing with <shift>
Unlimited power option in dev mode.
New King of the Hill game mode with two maps: Crossroads and Island Hoppers
Smoke trails for damaged aircraft.
Fix Engineer/Tanya/etc refusing to enter buildings in 2010-11-06.
Bug Fixes:
Fix crash when hosting a second game.
Fixed exploit where you could place a building anywhere.
Fix aircraft, infantry becoming invincible in some circumstances.
Fix a common aircraft desync.
Unmuted the shellmap; it's now at 25% volume.
Balance Changes:
reduce cooldown on Chronosphere to 2 minutes (was 4 minutes)
reduce cooldown on Iron Curtain to 2 minutes (was 6 minutes)
reduce invulnerable time on Iron Curtain the 30 seconds (was 45 seconds)
reduce anti-ground damage of rocket soldier to 50 (was 60) and anti-air damage to 40 (was 50)
Fix crash in C&C when harvesters return to the refinery (sorry guys)
Fix crash in both mods when transports unload
Fix ore/tiberium growth not working correctly
Fix graphical glitches on screenshake, etc
Add contrails to RA planes
Added plane crashes in RA
Added explosions on impact for all RA aircraft
Added more scripting to the RA shellmap
Fix Tesla not doing the correct amount of damage
Lots of internal cleanup
New C&C Maps:
Into the River Below (6p)
Algernon (4p)
Wargames (4p)
Yellowstone II (4p)
Bug Fixes:
Client disconnects no longer "double-quit".
Units can no longer move over certain water tiles.
Checks for destroyed actors to ensure they don't try to perform actions after death.
Loose files in mod folders take priority over ones in .mix packages.
Fixes for syncing in replays.
Fix Iron Curtain.
Fixes for units entering a building from the east or south
MOTD no longer spits out garbage when behind a proxy needing web authentication.
RA Balance Tweaks:
Airfield cost reduced from 1100 to 300
Yak cost increased from 800 to 1000
Mig cost increased from 1200 to 2000
Helipad cost reduced from 1500 to 300
Longbow cost increased from 1200 to 2000
Hind cost increased from 1200 to 1500
Anti-air gun range increased from 6 to 10, spread increased from 3 to 5
Flack truck range increased from 6 to 8, spread increased from 3 to 5
Fix crash when repair indicator was visible, but the building got destroyed or sold
Fix crash if an actor got destroyed twice (blown up & sold, etc)
Fix putting units back in BADR and C17.
Fix C&C crates being invisible
Fix bogus overlapping of MINE with ore trucks
Add MCV, napalm, nuke crates to C&C.
Fix "(dead)" tags in chat
Mute shellmap combat
Fix FMV player
Fix bug in voice system which made it impossible to add extra sides (thanks raminator)
Fixed bogus Missile Silo cameo from RA
Fixed engineer goldwrench cursors being reversed
Add support for actors that give the owner a small flow of cash (to be used with Oil Derricks)
Make teamchat toggle more flexible
Fix cloakable units being untargetable while uncloaked (thanks pdovy)
Fix crash when clicking `repair` with no MCV
Fix unit crates spawning in inappropriate places
Updated 'The Sentinel' map
Add base cycling (backspace) in C&C (it previously worked only in RA)
Fix planes getting stuck on the edge of the map
Fix explosions in air being drawn at ground level
Allow map slots to disallow bots
Allow map slots to enforce race/color selection
Replace C&C LST art (thanks, KatzSmile)
Push HackyAI setup into system.yaml, fix HackyAI for C&C
Reduce effectiveness of RA GUN vs unarmored
Improved mod content download infrastructure for Linux
Nerf C&C Orca slightly
Nerf speed of C&C bggy/jeep/bike/apc
Add new C&C 1v1 map: 'Chokepoint' (thanks Tiberian)
Reduce bandwidth usage in multiplayer (1/2)
Fix version string showing up twice in bottom-right corner after a game
Buff arty damage slightly
Nerf V2 reload slightly
Add trails to C&C SAM missiles
Increase speed of most C&C AA missiles
Reduce power requirement for RA AFLD from 50 to 20
Fix crash when ordering a helicopter to move while it was falling out of the sky
Add blue tiberium
Fix aircraft not showing up on radar
Fix canceling of production not quite working (would cancel 2 if one was half-built)
Fix base-cycling for mac
Fix leaks between shellmap world and ingame world
Fix crash when the network connection is lost
Run the shellmap behind the lobby
Fix host not being able to teamchat
Declaring war automatically breaks the alliance in both directions
Aircraft can attack from their airfields correctly now
Attack move added ('A' and then left-click)
Add Tiberian's 'The Sentinel' 1v1 C&C map
Show the server name in the lobby dialog title
Random actually means random
Fix crash when destroying a Refinery with docked harvester
Add pchote's 'Tundra' 1v1 C&C SNOW! map
Lots of internal engine improvements
Fix 64bit Linux compatibility
Nerf C&C Attack Bike
Show mod info in server browser
Show MOTD in the main menu
Fixed exploit with selling walls
Fixed auto-attack not working properly
Add an example mod, which adds a single unit to RA.
Fix dogs eating walls
Fix crash on destroying ore storage buildings
Fix Obelisk missing moving target
Ban cloak crates for infantry
Add nuke "bad" crate
Prevent aircraft from firing while landed
Reduce nuke charge time from 13min to 9min
Reduce parabombs charge time to 1min
Add support for minimum ranges on weapons
Add support for excluding specific actor types from picking up certain crates
FIx silent nukes in RA if they didn't hit a building
Fix all AI players getting the same color
Fix AI players getting the same team setting as the host
Fix AI attacking each other
Prevent most awful-looking colors
Remove most of the debug spam for aircraft
Increase construction yard health (50% in RA, 25% in CNC)
AI players now build defenses
AI players no longer attack with medics (e1/e2/e3/1tnk/2tnk/3tnk)
Much improved order targeting system
Add crash animations for helicopters
Nerf Hind chainguns
Reduce cost of Cruisers from 3.2k to 2.4k
Fix CNC airdrop planes getting stuck if the Airfield goes away
Fix phantom voices for dead units in control groups
Fix dogs sometimes not killing infantry
Fix scroll jumping if opposite scroll inputs were applied
Fix bogus targeting lines being drawn to 0,0 sometimes
Fix VS2010 compatibility
Fix the game getting screwed up when people leave
Fix various crashes
Fix CNC AI never building anything (it's still crap, but at least it does *something*)
Added shader fallbacks for Cg-2.1
Fix editor crashing on File->Open on Windows
Added scroll speed control (thanks, Gecko)
20100922 through 20100922-4
Allow queuing of buildings when a building is ready to place
Change the pathfinder to use integers instead of floating point (fixes desync)
Create ui widgets on demand instead of at gamestart
Begin refactoring activity queuing for cleaner code
Re-enable crates
Remove desync debug logging
Fix editor crash
Fix crash when a building being repaired is killed
20100921 through 20100921-6
Add yet more logging to search for the packaged build desync
20100920 through 20100920-7
Fix crash when building cnc weapons factory
Fix crash when harvester and refinery are killed by the same bullet (eg nuke)
Move several traits from engine into ra mod
Fix several editor bugs
Add a lot more logging to search for the packaged build desync
Fix crash when un/deploying a damaged mcv
Cache the power state of buildings for large performance gains
Changes to sync logging for large performance gains
Changes to shroud and ore rendering for large performace gains
Changes to renderer to fix several z-order bugs
Fix osx version string
Rename Repeat -> Loop in the music player
Fix team selection in the game lobby
Don't change production tab when selecting enemy structures
20100918-2 through 20100918-4
Fix crashes in the map editor
Include menu and desktop shortcuts to the RPM package
Add debugging to track down a desync between packaged versions on .net vs packaged versions on mono
Fixed lots of crashes
AI only tries to attack players that exist (and not itself)
Fixed speed of idle animations
Fixed exploit with A10 (infinite napalm)
Fixed exploits with remote building capturing/destroying
Added ability to change tilesize per-mod
Fixed delivering ore to an ally's proc
Fixed dog attacking ground forever (banned)
Fixed most z-order bugs
Fixed lots of editor usability problems
Fixed bogus XML generated by TSB
Added notification when cheats are used
Fixed exploit with reverse enter-transport order (didn't check if the passenger was compatible)
Fixed a bunch of techtree bugs
Fixed walkability of north rivermouth template in RA.
Added ability to export minimap as PNG from the editor
Infantry idle sequences for ra mod
Enable music player by default (requires scores.mix to be installed manually)
Flak truck for soviets in ra mod
Give dog a selection voice
Only scroll when the game window is focused
Fixed cursor/order bugs (includes force-fire c4 on allied structures, harvesting ore under shroud, move orders for aircraft, etc)
Fixed a collection of crashes related to dead actors
Fixed broken rpm package
Create Debian packages
Fixed attacking helipads
Deployed more mirrors
Added idle animations in C&C
Fixed an issue with the sidebar palette in C&C Desert
Integrated Jk's C&C Snow theater
Go back to classic C&C refinery model
Improve building explosions
Add nuke flash to C&C
Fix crash when losing FACT with a building ready to place
Remove unused MIX files
Add support for custom armor types
Adjust bounding boxes on vehicles
Windows installer prompts to install .NET if you don't have it
Windows installer remembers previous location for upgrades
Fix various crashes when refineries going away
Fix serious performace issue -- Actor leak when failing to spawn units
Add support for mobile production units
Remove splash damage from Tiberium
Fix a crash with actors dying with a projectile in-flight
Correctly clean up cargo when a transport dies
Fix client crash when the server disconnects
Right-clicking on a valid passenger with a transport loads cargo
Added zoom to editor
Convert sequences to yaml
Clean up the mod folders
Add a shellmap for C&C
Make pathfinder work with a MobileInfo rather than a live actor
Add a loadscreen for C&C
Correctly back up MIX files when upgrading windows installs
Changed MiG prerequisites to AFLD+STEK
Removed KENN, build DOG directly from BARR now
Chronotank can only teleport when fully charged
Improved OpenGL error logging
Fixed targeting of FIX
Fixed crash when an engineer is trying to repair a building, but it dies/gets sold/etc.
Added muzzle flashes to Yak and Hind chainguns
Fixed bounding boxes on some units
Fixed accuracy of Tesla weapons
Changed ownership of GUN and GTWR in CNC to both
Fixed crash on destroying things that have a building reserved
If ordered to move to an unpathable cell, move somewhere nearby that is pathable instead
Fixed RPM linux package
Shows game version in main menu screen for windows and linux
Improvements to Render performance
Improved debugging for performance issues
"Give Exploration" developer-mode option
Check for .net framework on windows install
Allow the viewport to scroll past the map edge to prevent ui from blocking buildings
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