HarvesterInsurance: isn't working as in Original #12742

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It currently makes you get a new harvester if your last one is eaten by a worm and it is available in both Missions and MP/Skirmish.

In orignial it was when last harvester is killed by any means and only was in Missions.

As our worms are way more agressive than original. Current behaviour in MP/Skirmish should stay. But in missions it should be changed to killed any means.

pchote commented Feb 10, 2017 edited

This would be very easy to implement. Add a new trait on the harvester (in missions only) that implements INotifyKilled and triggers playerActor.Trait<HarvesterInsurance>().TryActivate().


I think harvinsurance was exposed to the skirmish game options as well though, just disabled by default.

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MustaphaTR commented Feb 14, 2017 edited

Also an option for number of minimum harvester before sending a harvester would be cool for shellmap. We are currently using lua code to keep harvester count at 3 (1 for Smugglers).

Also maybe tag should moved to Refinery Actor rather than Player.

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