D2K - Add Multiplayer Maps from Original Game #12788

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I know, our other mods' map pools don't necessarily keep all the original maps. But D2K mod is not at that state yet and our D2K map pool is really lacking of maps. Adding at least the original maps would be sufficent for now. After #12784 is merged, it shouldn't be a hard thing to do. Already existing maps may need a reimport because of missing tiles.

Done? Filename Inagme Name Assignee PR
2PLAY1 Habbanya Ridge (SM 2 player) @MustaphaTR #12588
  2PLAY2 Tuono Basin (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY3 Chin Rock (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY4 Gara Kulon (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY5 Cave of Riches (SM 2 player)
2PLAY6 Mount Idaho (SM 2 player) @MustaphaTR #5805
2PLAY7 Pasty Mesa (SM 2 player) @MustaphaTR #6026
  2PLAY8 Broken Land (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY9 OH Gap (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY10 Observatory Mt. (SM 2 player)
  3PLAY1 Sihaya Ridge (SM 2-3 player)
  4PLAY1 The Minor Erg (MED 2-4 player)
4PLAY2 Tsimpo (MED 2-4 player) @MustaphaTR #12591
4PLAY3 Sietch Tabr (MED 2-4 player) @MustaphaTR #12590
4PLAY4 Tuck's Sietch (MED 2-4 player) @Mailaender #2502
  4PLAY5 Red Chasm (MED 2-4 player)
  4PLAY6 Hagga Basin (MED 2-4 player)
  4PLAY7 Harg Pass (MED 2-4 player)
  6PLAY1 Arakeen (LRG 4-6 player)
  6PLAY2 Carthag (LRG 4-5 player)
  8PLAY1 The Funeral Plain (XL 6 player)
  8PLAY2 The Great Flat (XL 6 player)
8PLAY3 Habbanya Erg (XL 6 player) @MustaphaTR #12589
  8PLAY4 The Shield Wall (XL 6 player)
8PLAY5 The Imperial Basin (XL 6 player) @Mailaender #3423
  8PLAY6 Cave of Birds (XL 6 player)
  2PLAY11 Jacarutu (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY12 Fondak (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY13 Seitch Shuloch (SM 2 player)
  2PLAY14 Mount Irulan (SM 2 player)
  4PLAY8 Halleck's Ridge (MED 2-4 player)
  4PLAY9 Baron's Court (MED 2-4 player)
  4PLAY10 Tenaya (XL 6 player)
  6PLAY3 Mauddib's Cave (LRG 4-6 player)
  6PLAY4 Thufir's Point (LRG 4-6 player)
  6PLAY5 Leto's Erg (MED 2-4 player)
@MustaphaTR MustaphaTR changed the title from D2K - Add Multiplayer Maps from Original Games to D2K - Add Multiplayer Maps from Original Game Feb 16, 2017
ltem commented Feb 17, 2017

If this works, #7697 can also be closed.

ltem commented Feb 17, 2017 edited

@MustaphaTR When you convert an original map, which spawn point do you choose from the multiple provided ones?

CH4Code commented Feb 20, 2017

What are those last maps? beginning form 2play11 I can't find those 10 in my copy of Dune2000


1.6 version maps.

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