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Next + 1 Milestone Roadmap #16131

reaperrr opened this Issue Jan 27, 2019 · 5 comments


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reaperrr commented Jan 27, 2019

List of things we want to fix, refactor or implement for Next + 1 (ETA summer/autumn 2019).
This is an early draft and far from complete.

Sound improvements:

  • Migrate all places that still play audio files directly to use sound notifications instead

Pathfinding improvements:

  • Remove crates and mines from pathfinding considerations (#15112)
  • Cache more pathfinding calculations in Locomotor (#15876)

Aircraft improvements:

  • Finish Aircraft idle behavior refactor (#15873)
  • Merge 'Heli'-specific activities into their non-Heli counterparts + clean-ups (#15803)

Resupply system improvements:

  • Merge Rearm and Repair activities into Resupply activity, including all depency changes

AI/bot improvements:

  • More intelligent bot base building
    • less (or zero?) randomness, at least initial build order should be fixed
    • stop spending cash on random buildings when base is large enough
  • More intelligent bot capture logic (might get implemented/superseded by squad refactor)
    • bots should only build capturers on module request, to avoid wasting cash on them
    • bots should at least be able to efficiently capture nearby tech buildings
    • add optional scan radius distance limit (should help with both of the above)
  • More intelligent squad system (#9021, delay to Next+2 depending on work-load?)
    • less (or zero?) composition randomness, to make squads more efficient
    • squad mission system, e.g. Attack, Defend, Scout, HuntHarvesters etc.

@reaperrr reaperrr added the Meta label Jan 27, 2019

@reaperrr reaperrr added this to the Next + 1 milestone Jan 27, 2019


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pchote commented Jan 27, 2019

My current planned priorities are:

Make Singleplayer Great Again

  • Develop my savegame prototype into a real feature, starting with missions, expanding to Skirmish if there is time (#2743)
  • Campaign progression (#15020)
  • Mission flow UI (progressing to next mission without returning to the main menu) - Implementation is planned, but no issue yet.
  • Add vqp support for upscaling videos
  • Overhaul the bot definitions and behaviour (#16126)

Keep up momentum with the orders/activity rework

  • Finish the order targeting rework (#16048, #15891)
  • Support @reaperrr's ongoing aircraft rework
  • Get #16060, #16065, and #16129 merged so we can finally be rid of "X can't be queued" bugs
  • Get #16105 merged and deal with any unexpected fallout so we finally have sane AttackMove logic

Drag Linux into the modern .NET era

  • Remove System.Drawing dependency (#15955 and referenced issues)
  • Bundle Mono 5.10 in our AppImages (#15965)
  • Consider bundling Mono on macOS while i'm at it (#12170)

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve, which will either happen with little notice or not at all.


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dragunoff commented Jan 28, 2019

A couple of things that I'd like to contribute for Next+1:

  • Revamped TD in-game UI (#7572)
  • Hotkey widget UX improvements (#16001)

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matjaeck commented Jan 28, 2019

I'd like to contribute until the time of Next+1:

  • an improved technical documentation #14225 (comment)
  • improvements to make changelogs more accessible (#16133)
  • help with gameplay/platform reviews
  • make textual proposals for an ingame privacy notice and see how that develops (no issue yet)

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obrakmann commented Jan 29, 2019

I'd like to contribute the following for Next+1:

  • All the game mode stuff + match time limit + victory conditions for the domination game mode
  • Now that a fix for AttackMove in sight, I'd like to add a proper Patrol activity, if possible with a order targeter and command bar button.

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Nineeva commented Feb 9, 2019

Love to see some additional options in the map editor that auto write a bit of script for the map such as:

  • being able to choose what units a structure should make if AI controlled
  • link structure production to way points.
  • being able to choose if AI should rebuild a building if destroyed and repair if damaged.

Maybe a couple of other simple things like unit start health and veteran level.

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