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reveal shroud a little better #2162

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I think units could reveal shroud a bit better.
In this screenshot, as the buggy explores, he does not see ahead of him the full 2 squares sight range that he should. His detection circle is set to 2, and his RevealsShroud: is set to 2.
I believe the original behaviour in C&C was that if your sight range == 2, then you can always see 2 full squares around you. OpenRA seems different. Screenshot of original game:

Another pic. I noticed the range circle goes half way into the 2nd square, not fully around it.


Comparison between C&C Gold and OpenRA shroud reveal:

In C&C Gold, it reveals the entire tile (which is 2 tiles away) when the buggy's sight range is 2.

In OpenRA, the sight radius is 1.5 instead.


Can't reproduce this. looks normal and reveals the next cell as soon as it leaves the last one.


Wow, that is peculiar. Could it just be me?


The bottom line is you want shroud to be revealed in squares instead of circles and the range should be extended by one tile? What is the benefit of it?


The benefit of revealing in squares instead of circles is that this is the method that original C&C uses. (see: Right now there are some issues with how fog is revealed:

Issue #1: If your range==1, then you should actually see then you should see the entire tile adjacent to you. Right now, you can barely see anything: (Comparison of infantry sight ranges)
When range==1, you cannot much of the tile next to you. You cannot see in front of you fully, and you cannot see diagonally at all. I think you should be able to see all the tiles.
In C&C Classic, default infantry range is 1. To emulate this in OpenRA, I have to increase their sight range to 3, so that the player can see all of the adjacent tiles which are 1 space away.
You may notice that shroud seems to be revealed slightly differently than fog (units can see further into shroud than fog).

Issue #2. There is an imperfection in how fog is displayed in OpenRA. When exploring, the tiles space in front of your unit are not revealed at the proper range, but the tiles behind the unit reveals at the proper range. (
Screenshot: (these vehicles are not moving) . Machinegun Piffs are shown for reference (weapon range is 3). If your sight range==3, then when you enter a new tile, you do not see the full 3 tiles away. You can only see 3 tiles away in back of you.
(The reason the two humvee pictures look different is that they just came from the tile in back of them. Fog is not revealed differently based simply on the direction they're facing).

Possible solution: if unit's shroud reveal range==3, then the game should reveal the entire tile that is 3 spaces away, instead of just part of it. That would probably eliminate the other problem #2 of not seeing in front properly.


I didn't notice a difference between the two versions.

But I think I was wrong: there is no problem with how OpenRA reveals shroud. The problem is simply that OpenRA reveal fog at -1 range for units, while (most) buildings reveal their RevealsShroud range properly.
See example here:
As you can see, the Construction Yard displays its range (5) properly. The MCV (range 4) does not see its full range. (The ConYard seems to see a bit further than its circle, while the MCV does not see as far as its circle). Below in the image, there is a Rocket Bike for reference. Its sight range is 3, while its weapon range is 2 (yellow circle, for reference). It seems as though its range were 2, but that otherwise the fog/shroud is revealed properly.

In my earlier post, the reason the humvee could see in the back is simply that the game lets you see extra tiles behind you (if you just came from that direction). I think the problem is simply that the range is effectively -1 of what it should be.

While buildings seem to reveal shroud properly, not all buildings render range properly. All of the defensive buildings and the silo seem to not get the full range. Examples:
Construction Yard (for comparison):
Guard Tower:
Advanced Guard Tower:
SAM site:


Is range and visibility linked? Can we separate them?


Only in the way that units won't auto-target in the dark. Shroud reveal and weapon range are already separate.

@pchote pchote reopened this

This is caused by us using the RA shroud artwork in C&C. Fixed by #4287.

@Mailaender Mailaender closed this in #4287
@pchote pchote referenced this issue from a commit
@pchote pchote New shroud renderer. Fixes #2162. Fixes #3024. Fixes #4034.
Uses the original tile sprites in C&C and D2K and uses a smoother transition in all mods.
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