Adding a new Weapon

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How to create a new weapon

Making a new weapon is very easy in OpenRA. First of all open the weapons.yaml from this location


Then search for the SCUD entry and copy it. Now paste it at the bottom of the file however you can paste it at any place. Now we will make little changes here to make it separate.

We can give it any name so we call it LRSCUD (Long Range Scud).

We will change the ROF that is, rate of fire to 300 (higher means slower) and change the range to 20c0 from 12c0.

You can now save the file.

Now go to OpenRA\mods\ra\rules\vehicles.yaml file and search for V2RL (It will most likely be at the top for just find it using Ctrl + F). now look for Armament and change SCUD to LRSCUD like this

Weapon: LRSCUD

Now if you run it in game, the V2 Rocket Launcher will fire long range missiles.