Adding custom UI cameo

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Adding custom UI cameo

I was having trouble making icons (known as cameos in red alert) for my mod and I could not find much help. I went to the forums and got a little bit of knowledge here and there and finally figured it out myself. This tutorial will help you getting your own icons in game. You can use any photoediting software that can handle images with an indexed palette but since I use photoshop, I will use it here. Gimp is a free alternative.

Working in Photoshop

First of all, the size of the icons is 64 x 48. So make a file of that dimension in photoshop. Create your own icon like this:


Now create a black bar of the same width, but keep its height to 16 pixels and place it below like this after changing the layer opacity to say, 40%. The tool that we will be using, places this transpaprent text bar, but it was giving me problems with weird color outputs when making the icons. So I add my own bar here.

cameo with bar

Now go to Image->Mode->Select Index Color

Indexed Colors

A pop up will ask you to flatten layers. Press yes and then OK to the next pop-up box as well

No goto File->Save for Web & Devices and save it as PNG-8. When you name it, make sure to put four zeros after its name, other was the Shape Builder will not show it for importing. So as an example, if you were going to name it as assault.png, then change the name to assault0000.png.

And our work in Photoshop is done.

Working in Shape builder

For creating the cameos, you need an Open Source Software called Shape Builder. You can get it from the Project Perfect Mod site from this location.

Run it and it will install the software by downloading it from the net. Once the installation is done, start the Shape Builder utility.

Select File->import and then Image->SHP

For Game: select RA1 and for type: select Cameos. You do not need to change anything else.

Importing Image

Now press Ctrl + G to bring up the cameo generator. The Main tab will be selected and in Game: select RA1 Cameo. In text: give anything you like as shown:

Cameo generator Main Tab

Now select Options tab and uncheck "Use TextBar" and "Auto TextBar Darkness". Since we have put in our own dark bar in photoshop, we do not need to use these options. You can use the buttonize option and select RA1 Bevel if you want, so the icon will look more like a button. Now press OK and You shall see the completed icon.

Cameo generator Options Tab

Finally, press Ctrl + A to save this file as an SHP. So as an example, if you were going to make this a new icon for the rifle infantry, name the file as e1icon.shp and place it in your mod's bits folder or inside the xyz.oramap folder, if you want a custom map using this shp.

That is it! I do hope that your icon making and modding endeavours are fruitfull!

  • made by Umair Azfar Khan
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