Badges & Icons

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How can i get Badges or Icons ?

  1. Register an account on
  2. Login
  3. Go to "User Control Panel" (Click on the little dropdown-arrow next to Privat Messages and your Username)
  4. Click on the "OpenRA Profile"-tab (comes after the Privacy-Tab)
  5. Here you see the "Add authentication key"-Section (you have to copy paste the authentication key that you can obtain when starting Openra and trying to login ingame. Just paste the Key right into this section and click submit.
  6. Congratulations ! Now you have an OpenRA-Account !
  7. Now within the "OpenRA Profile"-tab, click "Select Badges"
  8. Check every Badge you want to see ingame to your right (a maximum of 5 are visible ingame)
  9. Submit
  10. To reorder the Badges on your Account checkout the Section "Order Badges"
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