Branches and Releases

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The official repository is It has three or four branches:

  • master: Points to the most recent public release.
  • next: This is the integration branch that points at the latest playtest build. This will become the next release once we are happy with it.
  • prep-YYMM: This is the stabilization branch used for preparing new releases. Playtests and releases will be tagged on this branch and the copied to next or master accordingly. If there is currently no stabilization happening, this branch might not exist.
  • bleed: This is the integration branch which will become the next playtest. Patches should be written against this branch.

See the Development Process documentation for instructions.

Our current release cycle is as follows:

  • Several times per year, we make a new public release.
  • In preparation for each release, /bleed will be branched off into a prep-YYMM branch, onto which a feature freeze is imposed to stabilize the release.
  • At several points during this stabilization phase, starting when first creating the prep branch, playtests will be tagged for testing from a wider audience. When a playtest or release get tagged on the prep branch, next or master will be updated respectively.

For quality assurance follow the Playtest or Release Checklist.