Changelog (bleed)

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This is the changelog for the development branch, not the changelog for the current stable release. Archived changelogs from previous releases can be found on the historical changelogs page.

Next Release

General Improvements

  • Fixed that aircraft pause rearming when given a stop order. [#15363]

Red Alert

  • Removed a redundant yaml line. [#15429]

Tiberian Dawn

Dune 2000


  • Fixed glitch when a sequence with Start frame higher than 0 is played backwards. [#15451]
  • Fixed aircraft landing issue on elevated terrain. [#15459]
  • Fixed a crash when multipile INotifyBlockingMove interfaces were used with the EjectOnDeath property of Cargo. [#15510]
  • Added player.GetActorsByTypes lua function. [#15446]
  • Added support for horizontally aligning SupportPowersWidget. [#15471]
  • Changed placement preview overlay to accept build-valid without tileset suffix. [#15452]
  • Generalized variable and method names in aircraft activities. [#15475]
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