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The main purpose of this modification is for easier access and playabilty of the game for the native Spanish speakers of the OpenRA community. The translation of the game will be broken down into different sections for easier management and completion. When possible, the page will be modified to keep an approximate percentage of the tranlsation completion.

Visual (UI) | (0%)

Start Date:

In this translation, the user interface will be modified to display all of the information in Spanish, although this would be classified as a primary concern for gameplay the translation of basic words and phrases can be completed by a smaller group than the other objectives.


☑ English to Spanish translator

☐ Coding specialist to guide the translator

Visual (Images) | (0%)

Start Date:

The objective of this translation is to change the images in the game interface that contain english to spanish, this is a low priority change since the UI will already have a description of all of the objectives.


☑ Photoshop Specialist

☑ Translator

☐ Original Images

Audio | (0%)

The audio of the game has been packed into several .mix files, the first step into translating the audio files will be to acquire all of the audio files and have them translated, this will be done by reading the script and having native Spanish speakers do a rough translation of the audio.

Although the rough translation would be considered a completed job, it would be in the best interest of the translating team to overview the audio. In most languages the rough translation of a scrip would make, little, to no sense, because of the possibility that that type of wording or words in general are not used in the context in which the rough translation demands.

After all of the audio files have been translated the next step would be to add the background noise, some of the original audio files have been edited after recording to have static or background noise which place's them in the setting or environment in which they are needed, although it is not necessary the translating team will try and duplicate/match the background noise to make the translation have more depth.


☑ Recording studio, audio specialists

☐ Spanish voice actors

☐ .aud conversion from (mp3,wav,wma)

The original games shipped several localized versions with appropriate art and voices. If you can get your hands on these, then you'll be set for art/sound.

The unofficial c&c 1.06b patch has a spanish language pack. This might be a good place to start.

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