Hacky AI

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This is an experiment in getting reasonable play out of the absolute minimum amount of machinery. That makes it almost exactly opposite to the abandoned Gecko AI project, which is a comprehensive scriptable AI. HackyAI shares a lot of ideas with the original RA bots. Everyone is welcome to contribute hacks to improve it, of course.

However, all improvements and tweaks should follow code style standards and AI Development Guidelines.

Basic behavior

  • Manage the building and defense queues, according to a list of buildings and their desired base proportions. Buildings are checked from the top of the list, and the first one for which the quota is not filled, is built.

  • Produce random units from a list: e1,e2,e3,1tnk,2tnk,3tnk. When there are >= 8 units hanging around the base, pick a human player and throw the units at them.

  • Build power plants whenever the excess power is < 20% or < 50.

  • Fixes invalidated rallypoints on its buildings, to prevent jamming.

  • Keeps track of aggro vs each human player (based on damage dealt), and attacks the one we hate the most.

  • Try to protect base buildings and harvesters

  • Build aircraft and go for targets of opportunity (no anti-air in range)

  • Place refineries near resource patches and defenses in direction to the enemy

  • Units will attack/rush/retreat based on own and opponents health/speed using fuzzy logic while staying in squads

  • Maintain adequate numbers of refineries and silos. Adhere to a build limit of tech buildings.

  • Try to use super weapons

Suggested improvements

  • Build walls

  • Use spies, engineers and C4 against enemy bases

  • Have designer-defined squads of units, and pick a random squad to build, rather than building random individual units.

  • (Optionally) adhere to a strict build order for improved efficiency on say money maps

  • Use iron curtain and crono shift in some easy way. (defensive iron curtain, crono shift enemy harvesters into base defenses)

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