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⇩ Download the latest installer from the official website

The installer will fetch everything else you need. If you have trouble, make sure you have:

  • A working OpenGL driver
  • .NET Framework 4.5 (Windows) / Mono 4.6 (macOS) / Mono 4.2 (Linux)

To play, use the start menu shortcuts placed under "OpenRA". The game will download (recommended) or extract the content files from an installation CD. If the system does not allow you to do any of mentioned above, you can get content files in advance (ra, cnc and d2k) and have them saved somewhere. After you have installed this game, you can put content into your HOME directory ($OpenRA/Content/$MOD/).


  • The server listens on TCP port 1234. If you're behind a firewall, you'll want to tell it about that. If 1234 is not a convenient port, you can choose to use a different port when creating a game session. ListenPort is the local port we'll actually listen on when you host a game. ExternalPort is the port we'll advertise to the master server. It's important that this matches whatever your router is configured to forward, so that players can join. The master server will check whether your game can be reached.


  • Put custom maps into My Documents\OpenRA\maps\ra
  • Put .oramod packages into My Documents\OpenRA\mods (Release 20160508 and later)
  • Game Content is put into My Documents\OpenRA\Content\ra
  • Logfiles can be found at My Documents\OpenRA\Logs
  • Replays are saved into My Documents\OpenRA\Replays
  • OpenRA.TilesetBuilder.exe will save to My Documents\OpenRA\Tilesets
  • Settings are stored at My Documents\OpenRA\settings.yaml

Note: You can force to store those files in a portable installation mode by creating the folder Support in the folder relative to where OpenRA.Game.exe is located which is C:\Program Files\OpenRA by default on Windows.

For Linux users the directory is not My Documents\OpenRA but ~/.openra and on OSX the directory is ~/Library/Application Support/OpenRA/Content