Players RAGL Season 2

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Masters' Division (12 players)

Abcdefg30 (Germany)
Anjew (Australia)
Barf (USA)
FiveAces (Austria)
Gatekeeper (Netherlands)
Hamb (Canada)
Kazu (Germany)
Klaas (Netherlands)
Medium Tank (USA)
Murto The Ray (UK, Scotland)
SoScared (Norway)
Testosterone Rex (Netherlands)

Minions' Division (12 players)

Fahrrad (Germany)
FRenzy (France)
Han (Germany)
Henry The Slav (Czech Republic)
Jayman (USA)
JuiceBox (UK, England)
Kyrylo (Ukraine)
MicroBit (Austria)
NoobMapMaker (Netherlands)
OzzyOuzo (France)
Stepexxx (Czech Republic)

Recruit Division Alpha (12 players)

American Blunt (USA)
Blackened (USA)
Chewey (New Zealand)
FasTSlack (Argentina)
Flamewh33l (UK, England)
Fundahl (USA)
Lucassss (Israel)
Naigel (Italy)
Raymundo (USA)
Smitty (USA)
Snake (Germany)
Zaqzorn (UK, England)

Recruit Division Beta (12 players)

Bone.Superr0x (Hungary)
Chrisf (New Zealand)
Insomnic (Sweden)
Jamesasthenia (UK)
Kuba (Poland)
LeugensVanBedrog (Greece)
LorryDriver (Germany)
Orb (USA)
Paja (Czech Republic)
SirCake (Germany)
Strateeg (Estonia)
Wee Man (USA)

Substitute players

Strelkov (Russia)
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