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OpenRA requires at least two approvals from reviewers before a pull request is merged. Due to the bottlenecking nature of the review process, reviewing pull requests is an important and very appreciated contribution to the project.

Reviewers make sure that:

  1. The code works as advertised
  2. Code style violations are addressed and fixup commits are squashed
  3. Potential bugs are found and addressed
  4. The code doesn’t have a design problem for later use
  5. The branch is up to date (Does it require a rebase?)

To test someone else’s pull request in game, use the following git command: git fetch upstream pull/<PR#>/head:<branchname>

Then, switch to the branch using git checkout <branchname> , run make.cmd, and then launch-game.cmd (See contributing for a guide on how to set up your Git client.)

Some pull requests are obviously easier to review than others. A short, style guideline fix may just require a simple thumbs up while an engine change may need to be reviewed commit by commit. Read other reviews of pull requests to get a feel for the process.

As there are several different fields involved (i.e. Performance, Networking, Gameplay, OS issues) you will likely only be comfortable reviewing certain pull requests. Regardless, contributions in the areas you can review are very welcome and will help progress the development of OpenRA.

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