Assets 6
  • Added a clearer error message when the packaging scripts are not executable
  • Fixed the packaging scripts failing when a version tag contains a .
  • Reverted macOS dark mode support (fixes black-screen rendering failure on later 10.14 betas)
  • Fixed Travis CI integration (which was broken in 20180825)
  • Removed unused .gitmodules file

This is a minor update from the 20180825 release. The following files have changed:

  • .travis.yml
  • Makefile
  • mod.config
  • packaging/windows/

When updating from the 20180825 SDK release we recommend individually replacing .travis.yml, Makefile and packaging/windows/ in your project, and then changing the PACKAGING_OSX_LAUNCHER_TAG definition in mod.config to osx-launcher-20171118.

When updating from the 20180307 SDK release we recommend following the instructions from 20180729 using the updated 20180923 files, but omit the PACKAGING_OSX_LAUNCHER_TAG change (which was reverted in this release).

This SDK version remains compatible with OpenRA's engine versions release-20180307, playtest-20180729, and playtest-20180825. If your mod is targeting the playtest releases, however, we strongly recommend that updating to release-20180923 as soon as possible to take advantage of the latest bug fixes. If you wish to update to take advantage of these then you may now proceed to the Engine update guide.