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  • Fixed issues with travis packaging and tests
  • Added .editorconfig file defining the OpenRA code style
  • Fixed engine version reporting on Windows
  • Updated engine version to release-20191117

This is a minor update to the mod SDK. The following files have changed:

  • .editorconfig (new file)
  • .travis.yml
  • make.ps1
  • mod.config

If you are updating from release-20190314 or earlier you must first follow the steps from the previous SDK releases.
To update from the 20190825 SDK release simply copy the new versions of .travis.yml, .editorconfig, make.ps1 into your mod project then make the following changes to your mod.config:

  • In the Core Configuration section:
    • Change ENGINE_VERSION to release-20191117
  • In the Packaging section:
    • Change PACKAGING_OSX_LAUNCHER_TAG to osx-launcher-20191003

This SDK version is compatible with OpenRA engine versions playtest-20190825, playtest-20191025, playtest-20191117, and the new release-20191117 only. The release engine is compatible with the previous playtests, so you can update to take advantage of the bug fixes without requiring any compatibility changes. If updating from earlier versions you should proceed to the Engine update guide.

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