Game options for admins when running a dedicated server #5026

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SnowMB commented Jan 9, 2017

OS: Dedicated server on Ubuntu
Version: 0.0.6

  • Reproducible in RCT2 (vanilla)?
  • Multiplayer?

Hey I'm running a dedicated server in a docker container and I'm wondering if there is any possibility to

  1. pause the game as admin (not host)
  2. in-/decrease game speed
  3. trigger saving the game on the server
@janisozaur janisozaur added the help label Jan 9, 2017

None of them are implemented just yet.

IntelOrca commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

@janisozaur how would you implement performing these actions on a headless server? A REPL like interface like ftp?

As for pausing from a client, that should be straight forward to implement using a permission.

Changing game speed is an interesting one as we currently disable it for the host too for the reason that it can cause clients to disconnect if they can not keep up with the server.

SnowMB commented Jan 10, 2017


thanks for your answers. Got a few more questions ;)

If not possible through the game, are there any command line commands to interact with the running server? (for example saving, load another savegame / scenario)

Any progress on #2552?

Keep up your awesome work! 👍


None yet. We have very limited manpower and so much work to do, we could do with some more developers.

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