motorcycle-coaster: can build more than one entry and exit #5030

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OS: Linux/Gentoo
Version: v0.0.6-HEAD
Commit/Build: 7c7b67f

I wanted to build a motorcycle coaster and was only able to choose 2 vehicles (this is a bug, too, I think). Then I played around with the platform (Stationsplattform), make it longer/shorter, place the entry and exit at other places. Then, when I wanted to test the coaster, an error occurred, saying I have build not entry and exit and the build dialog let me build a second entry and exit. See the screenshots.

  • Reproducible in RCT2 (vanilla)?
    Not playable in linux.
  • Multiplayer?
    Not tested

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure. I have saved the game, when in the building dialog and builded the first platform. Maybe this is the reason.

Screenshots / Video:
ivory towers 2017-01-10 04-05-41
ivory towers 2017-01-10 04-06-50

Save game:
First tile of coaster builded: Ivory Towers.txt

Whole coaster but broken: Ivory Towers2.txt

Thank you very much for making RCT available on Linux and keeping it alive!

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