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IRC / Reddit

Check out OpenRCT2 on Discord where development chat takes place.

The OpenRCT2 subreddit and the #general channel in the Discord server above can be used to discuss less technical issues or get help.

What shall I work on?

Things you can do:

Ensure that you do not work on something that someone else is already working on. To do so, please have a chat with developers at OpenRCT2's Discord.


General information

Feature documentation


See a step-by-step guide on How to Contribute, or skip to a relevant section below.

General information for contributors


Technical information for contributors

Platform-specific information





RCT2 Technical Information

Technical information for contributors (historical)


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If you have push access, you may find it more convenient to edit the wiki in a text editor on your own machine; if so, run git clone, edit, commit, and push as you see fit.