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Enabling Debugging Tools:

  • Open the options menu.


  • In the wrench tab, check the box for Enable debugging tools.


  • Click the gear icon in the menu bar that appears. Alternately, you may click and hold for a dropdown list with more items.


There is also a keyboard shortcut: it's the key that's between the Tab and Escape key. On US keyboards, this key is labelled with the ` (grave) and ~ (tilde) symbols. Other layouts will most likely have different symbols printed on them, or might require pressing twice or together with the Alt Gr function key.

Pressing the grave key again or typing hide, quit or exit will close the window.

Available Commands

Command Usage
clear Clears the terminal.
hide Hides the terminal.
echo <x> Echoes the input <x>.
help, help <x> Displays this list of commands. Alternatively, shows description and usage of command <x>.
get <x> Gets the value of the specified variable <x>.
set <x> <y> Sets the value of the specified variable <x>.
open <x> Opens the specified window <x>.
variables Returns a list of all available variables for use with get and set.
windows Returns a list of all available windows for use with open.
load_object <x> Loads an object <x> into the game by file name. <x> should be the filename of the object you want to load, without the ".dat" at the end. This should be used instead of open object_selection.
object_count Returns the total number of objects in each category.
twitch Related to the API. Does nothing.
fix_banner_count Fixes corrupted banner count, #667
scenario_initial_cash <amount of cash> Sets scenario initial cash, so you can it do more precise at the scenario editor
paint_segments Paints segment heights
reset_user_strings Resets all user-defined strings, to fix incorrectly occurring 'Chosen name in use already' errors
rides list List all rides
rides set mode [<ride id> <operating mode>] Set ride operational mode. Without arguments lists operating modes of all rides
rides set type <ride ID> <type> Set ride type (track style). Use 47 for crooked house.
rides set friction <ride ID> <friction> Set friction for all vehicles. This will be reset if the vehicles are removed from the track
rides set excitement <ride ID> <excitement> Set excitement for the ride. This will be reset if the rating is recalculated
rides set nausea <ride ID> <nausea> Set nausea for the ride. This will be reset if the rating is recalculated
rides set intensity <ride ID> <intensity> Set intensity for the ride. This will be reset if the rating is recalculated
staff list List staff members
staff set energy <staff ID> <energy> Set the energy level of a staff member. A value of 0 will freeze them in place.
staff set costume <staff ID> <costume ID> Set entertainer costume
remove_unused_objects Removes all unused objects from the object selection
show_limits Shows the map data counts and limits


These may be modified with the set and get commands:

Variable Accepted values
park_rating Integers between 0 and 999
money Integers
scenario_initial_cash Integers
current_loan Integers
max_loan Integers
guest_initial_cash Integers
guest_initial_happiness Integers
guest_initial_hunger Integers
guest_initial_thirst Integers
guest_prefer_less_intense_rides 0 or 1
guest_prefer_more_intense_rides 0 or 1
forbid_marketing_campagns 0 or 1
forbid_landscape_changes 0 or 1
forbid_tree_removal 0 or 1
forbid_high_construction 0 or 1
pay_for_rides 0 or 1
no_money 0 or 1
difficult_park_rating 0 or 1
difficult_guest_generation 0 or 1
park_open 0 or 1
land_rights_cost Integers
construction_rights_cost Integers
climate One of "cool_and_wet", "warm", "hot_and_dry", or "cold"
game_speed Integer between 1 and 8
console_small_font 0 or 1
test_unfinished_tracks 0 or 1
no_test_crashes 0 or 1
location Two integers between 1 and 254
window_scale Integers
window_limit Integers
render_weather_effects 0 or 1
render_weather_gloom 0 or 1
cheat_sandbox_mode 0 or 1
cheat_disable_clearance_checks 0 or 1
cheat_disable_support_limits 0 or 1
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