Easter Eggs

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The following peep name Easter Eggs are implemented in OpenRCT2. They are a subset of those in vanilla RCT2 (see end for those that have been removed). The peep names are not case-sensitive.

Peep name Effect
Michael Schumacher Drives Go-Karts fast (adds 35 to base speed)
Jacques Villeneuve Drives Go-Karts fast (adds 25 to base speed)
Damon Hill Drives Go-Karts fastest (adds 55 to base speed)
Mr Bean Drives Go-Karts very slowly (speed set to 9)
Chris Sawyer Takes pictures of rides, drives Go-Karts slightly faster (adds 14 to base speed)
Katie Brayshaw Waves
Melanie Warn Happiness set to max
Mia Sheridan Nausea set to max
Eilidh Bell Happiness set to min, becomes 'red-faced' vandal
Carol Young Happiness starts decreasing
Corina Massoura Thinks "It's too crowded here"
Frances McGowan Thinks "I need to go to the toilet"
Katherine McGowan Thinks "I'm hungry"
Simon Foster Paints pictures of rides
John Wardley Thinks "Wow!"
Lisa Stirling Peep starts littering
Donald MacRae Thinks "I'm lost!"
Katie Rodger Wants to leave park immediately
Emma Garrell Makes peeps on same tile have purple shirts
Joanne Barton Receives pizza, litters
Felicity Anderson Makes peeps on same tile vomit
Katie Smith Jumps
Nancy Stillwagon Gives ice-cream to peep in front when queueing
David Ellis Thinks "... and here we are on [ridename]!" while on [ridename]

Removed Easter Eggs

The following Easter Eggs are in vanilla RCT2 but not in OpenRCT2.

Peep name Effect
Andy Hine Thinks "Nice ride! But not as good as the Phoenix..." after riding a roller coaster
Elissa White Thinks "I'm so excited - It's an Intamin ride!" while riding a Giga Coster
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